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AOJ Game Rules

We have come up with our own rule sets for our games to keep game modes balanced and fair for all players as well as removing some restrictions that many fields have.

Note: These rules only apply to our charter games.

General Rules



Breaks will generally be 5 minutes, unless a particular game mode requires a change of loadout or equipment.
Please focus to reloading and preparation before chatting in break times.



We utilise our own digital timer to ensure times are maintained.
Once the last AOJ team member has entered the field, the prep timer and gamer timer will be activated.


Preparation Time

Use this time once entering the field to talk tactics and prepare.

The prep timer will range from 1-3 minutes; depending on the game mode.


Game Time

The first buzzer indicates the start of the game and the second indicates the end of the game.

Game time is usually ten minutes but will change depending on the game mode.


Hits & Hit Calls

If any part of you is hit, it counts.

Ricochets do not count, but if you are unsure if your hit was direct or a ricochet, it is best to call it as a hit.

If your weapon is hit, you cannot use the weapon and must change weapons.


No Zombies

When you are hit, call your hit honestly.

Zombies are not welcome.
If you spot zombie behaviour, feel free to keep shooting them until they call their hit and make sure to inform your AOJ team leader.
Zombies will be subject to punishment, such as firing squad elimination, restrictions on weapons and armour, etc.


Blind Firing

Do not shoot over or around cover, or through cracks in obstacles without looking at your target.


Friendly Fire

If you shoot a team member, you both count as being hit.


Freeze Calls

If you sneak up to an enemy and have a dummy knife, you can use it, but do not try to hurt or grab other players, if you do not have a dummy knife, shoot them somewhere less painful out of courtesy.


Dead Man Walking

When you are hit, please do not reveal information to your team.

The dead don’t talk and certainly should not be revealing intelligence from beyond the grave.


Language & Behaviour

Please keep bad language to a minimum and refrain from arguments or negativity towards others. We are all here to have a good time and if anyone is causing a problem, they will only make themselves unwelcome, be told to leave and won’t be invited back to future games.



If you have a complaint about a player, or anything that has happened, please direct it to either your team leader or the event host(s) and they will manage it from there. Please do not confront people yourself and let the event organisers and team leaders manage the issue.



If you want to use the field for photography, please either arrive early and do so before the games begin or during the lunch break. Please do not use the field for photography in break times as it can impact the flow of the day for others.


Weapon Types

Any weapon, whether it is a handgun right up to a fully automatic drum-fed shotgun is okay, grenades, HPA, Laser Sights, Flashlights are also fine if they do not go over the legal limit and lasers are kept out of people’s eyes.


Ammunition Types & Reloading

Only biodegradable BB’s are allowed to be used up to 0.28g

High-capacity magazines are generally okay, unless the game mode has an ammunition limit.
Unless otherwise specified, refilling magazines in the field is not allowed.


Chronograph Checks & Overpowered Weapons

Unless the field demands it, we generally will only chronograph a weapon if we suspect it is overpowered or a danger to others. In this case, if it is found to exceed legal limits, you will be asked to store it for the remainder of the day and get it to the legal limits if you plan to use it again. If you refuse, you will be asked to leave since overpowered guns are illegal.



Juggernauts may be added to game modes, and can be shot, but they do not count as hits, they cannot run, and have unlimited ammunition or may even carry multiple weapons.
Only players that seem responsible, have attended previous games, and follow the rules will be asked to be a juggernaut in games modes that need them.


AOJ Props

The props we provide are bought or made by Ben using our own money and donations.

If you damage a prop, you will be expected to pay for repairs/replacement in full, on the day.


Yellow Vest Players

Do not shoot those wearing a yellow vest as they will generally be worn by photographers and game masters.


Flea Market

Buying and selling is fine, but AOJ is not responsible for any transactions made.

Please make sure to clearly label prices.


Personal Property

We are not responsible for the loss of personal property. Anything valuable should either be kept on you or put somewhere safe if the field does not have lockers.



Everything we use is generally funded by the AOJ team, additional donations are welcome and will be put on our ledger to go towards website costs, better props, new props, gadgets and upgrades, prizes for future games and more. The amount donated will be clearly reflected by the next charter game.

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