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Airsoft Communities

While there are many Japanese communities, there are few English language or even bilingual communities.

Communities are designed to organise events, play together as a group or just a social network of people you can chat with. We have highlighted some websites and communities we recommend for not only airsoft events, meetups, but places to chat as well as recommended influencers we have worked with.

Recommended Communities

Airsoft Influencers & Content Creators in Japan
Defrowe Airsoft

Defrowe is an Australian airsofter with a long history of airsoft in Japan. As a published writer, he puts a lot of his expertise in literature into his articles and videos for the global airsoft community, creating interesting and unique content that is both well written, decently formatted and piques the interest of airsoft players from all over the world

Defrowe has been attending AOJ events and games since October 2023 and has been actively supporting AOJ with promoting games, events, donating equipment and creating content about AOJ and what we do.

You can check out Defrowe Airsoft's content in the following links.

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