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AOJ Elite Membership

While AOJ aims to be a non-profit community, we do still have many expenses to cover.

Chartering games generally has extra costs such as buying or making props, renting vehicles to transport equipment, deposits for field chartering, up front expenses, cancellation fees, upkeep of equipment, rental equipment, cleaning costs etc. That is without the cost of the homepage and storage space for AOJ equipment.

Donations generally go towards negating these costs to make hosting and organising games financially sustainable for our leaders. However some people prefer to avoid donating.

AOJ Elite Membership will help us to help provide you a better experience while giving something back to our most loyal members.

For ¥2,500 per year, you can join any charter game, redeem your 10% discount during checkout and know that all while you are an Elite Member you will pay less than regular members as well as contributing to make games better for everyone. Regular attendance and Elite Membership will also help us to not only make charter games more sustainable, but also increase the frequency we are able to host them.

In addition to 10% off of game fees, we can also offer other incentives if the membership proves popular with our regular members.

* Membership only applies to charter/private games hosted by AOJ


AOJ's Patch

Designed by Dan

Elite Members
Regular Members
Participation Fee for Charter Games
10% discount on all charter games
Set price for each event
One Free AOJ Member's Patch
¥1,000 per patch
1x Free Cancellation ¥1,500 afterwards
50% within 14 days / 100% within 7 days
  • Money Saver

    AOJ Elite Membership

    Every year
    +JP¥150 Registration Fee
    Get discounts on games as well as other perks and a free supporter patch
    • 10% off all Charter Game Fees
    • Exclusive AOJ Patch
    • 1x Free Emergency Cancellation
    • Further discounts to come

Membership only applies to charter/private games hosted by AOJ

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