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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What should I bring for the first time playing airsoft?
    Ideally for your first game, it is better to rent equipment, but there are also some things you can bring from home to cut some of these costs. ​Here are our recommendations for what to bring on your first time trying airsoft.
  • How much does it cost to rent airsoft equipment?
    Ideally for your first game, it is better to rent equipment, but there are also some things you can bring from home to cut some of these costs. ​Here are our recommendations for what to bring on your first time trying airsoft. On the other hand, AOJ offers rental equipment with extra options that most fields do not offer. as detailed below. While the price is only ¥1,500 cheaper, you are in fact getting a lot more for your money and depending what options you want it costs less. Regular renters will get discounts.
  • Does airsoft hurt when you get shot?
    In short, yes. Since the legal limit is 0.98 Joules of power from an airsoft gun, when you get hit it will sting for a minute or two, depending where you are hit. For example. If you are hit from 30 metres away, it will feel like someone pinched you. While it will sting, it will stop hurting a minute or two after. If you are hit from 10 metres away, it will hurt more and you may bruise. This is why we recommend to wear suitable clothing to take the brunt of the force and lessen any pain or discomfort you experience.
  • How much does it cost to play airsoft?
    This will depend on what you need and where you go. Airsoft fields in Tokyo will cost more than other prefectures, starting at ¥4,000 for the day (without any rental gear). If you play outside Tokyo, such as Chiba, a field will be from ¥3,000 for the day. Adding on any other costs like renting a gun and buying BB's. The price to play airsoft for one day will be around ¥9,000 if you rent a gun, goggles and buy BB's. If you play to play airsoft more than once, then it is worth investing in buying a gun and face protection to negate the costs. A rental gun is about ¥2,500 - ¥3,000 for the day, whereas buying one can start from ¥12,000. However, we do offer significantly cheaper rental options, but they must be booked in advance and it on a first come first served basis.
  • Can I join even if I do not have any equipment?
    Yes. Of course you can! All fields will have rental options for rifles, clothing and protective wear. If you are attending one of our charter games, we can usually provide the clothing and protective wear much cheaper than the field can. We find that most new players begin with rental equipment and try out other member's weapons before they purchase their own.
  • Where can I find out about planned games?
    Check our Events page to see what games we have coming.
  • How can I join a game?
    Simply select Reserve in the events section and fill in your details. Once accepted we will ask for payment to reserve your place. Once paid we will email the reservation information, meeting points etc.
  • Why wasn't my request to join a game accepted?
    We will not allow participation from persons for the following reasons. Did not turn up to previous games without notice beforehand. Frequently cancels attendance. Bad manners/behaviour/attitude at previous games. Complaints from other members. Complaints from game field staff.
  • What happens if I have registered to attend a game, but do not come?
    If we have chartered a field, we have to pay for all registered players. So, by not turning up, we have to pay for your absence to the field. If you have registered to join and fail to attend without giving suitable notice, you may not be allowed to register for future events. We would not ban you from participating, but instead it would be up to you to come and participate on your own terms, and your registration would not be accepted without payment beforehand.
  • How much does it cost to attend?
    Participation will range from ¥3000 - ¥5000 for the day (excluding lunch, transportation etc). Most outdoor fields charge ¥3300 for a one day game.
  • Why do you charge extra for participation?
    Unfortunately, nothing in life is really free. We have a website to pay for and managing, as well as researching and organising games and events, buying parts for building props, airsoft bombs and other equipment, renting vehicles to transport items to and from venues, that not only takes time, but costs money. In addition, payments handled online have charges that we have to cover. The money used is treated as a donation and is generally used to pay for the homepage fees as well as equipment and items used for airsoft games that will be shared by all participants of our games and attendees. Our goal is to expand in such a way that we can offer things like raffles, giveaways and such at our events. But such things happening relies solely on community donations.
  • Why is prepayment necessary to attend?
    We ask that people attending games pay beforehand to secure their place on the day. Once paid you will receive a booking notice, and our organisers will manage everything you need such as organising pickup (if available), ordering lunch, rental equipment and chartering fields etc. The payment is treated much like an agreement and we find it prevents people from not turning up on the day.
  • Do you organise any non-airsoft events?
    Yes. We often host barbecues, picnics, beach parties, camping, and other activities for our members to attend throughout the year.
  • How many people usually come to your games?
    Usually we have between 5 and 20 people. It depends on the timing, location and season. Typically January to May are the busiest months where we see more people.
  • Who makes all your airsoft bombs and devices?
    Our airsoft bombs, props and other electronical devices are made by AOJ's leader, Ben. The parts are funded by the community through donations and when Ben has enough saved, he will buy parts to make things to use in chartered games.
  • Are the airsoft bombs available for sale?
    While we do not officially sell them .We can make them to be sold. However payment would need to be made up-front so we can begin sourcing parts and it would take 10 - 21 days to complete.
  • Where can I get my airsoft gun fixed in Tokyo?
    There are several places you can go to get airsoft guns fixed in Tokyo. The first option is to ask someone experienced to take a look at the gun, this can be done at any of our events. The second is to go through a shop, but this will cost a fair amount as most charge a flat rate just for dismantling. This is usually ¥4,000 plus any parts needed and time after that. Places such as Echigoya will offer such services. But you do need to book in advance.
  • How old do you need to be to play airsoft in Japan?
    In Japan, most airsoft fields have a rule of being at least 18 years old. Those younger, must have parental consent (form submission). But will not be allowed to use adult airsoft guns.
  • Do I need to understand Japanese?
    In short, yes. Those that cannot communicate or follow the guidance and rule explanation will not be allowed to play. So it is always best to be able to understand Japanese or have an interpreter friend with you. (Note, all games hosted by us will have interpreters)
  • Can I play with full-auto?
    Outdoor fields will generally allow full-auto and burst fire, but some game modes may require semi-auto only. Indoor fields generally only allow semi-auto.
  • What if my gun is overpowered?
    Most fields will not allow a gun that does not meet their criteria to be used. You would either need to modify the gun to meet the speed criteria, use a different gun or rent a gun. However, in chartered games some guns will be allowed if they are overpowered, but if you hurt someone to the point they need medical attention and your weapon is checked and is too powerful. By law you would be liable for criminal charges. So do so at your own risk.
  • Is HPA allowed?
    Indoor fields can sometimes restrict the use of HPA, they will have a specific guideline about green gas regulators that will state their rule on them. Most outdoor fields to accept HPA, but it is always worth checking on the regulations page for accurate information.
  • What are the speed limits for airsoft guns?
    Most outdoor fields follow the same guidelines, but indoor fields can vary and be lower. ** Please note outdoor fields only allow the use of biodegradable BB's. ** Indoor fields only allow 0.20g BB's
  • Are there any English speaking stores?
    Echigoya in Akihabara often has an English speaking staff member on weekends. But in general most stores offer no English support.
  • Which stores are the cheapest?
    Generally speaking they do vary and prices change often. So, it is best to visit their website and check.
  • Where can I sell airsoft guns and equipment?
    Stores like 41PX, Mokei Paddock and Repmart will buy airsoft gear if it is in very good condition. However the best method to get the most income is by selling on Mercari or Yahoo Auctions.
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