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Field Information

Please be aware that fields in Japan almost never have English speaking staff, so either Japanese ability or an interpreter is required. Those who cannot speak Japanese and do not understand the rules will not be allowed to participate.

Note: Games played in our group will always have someone to translate.

General Rules

  • Minimum age limit is 18 years old (some fields may accept those under 18, if a parental waiver is signed, check first)

  • All weapons must comply with Japanese firearm laws. Generally fields will not allow a gun to be used if it is shooting a 0.20g BB at 98m/s or over

  • Outdoor fields only allow 0.20g - 0.28g Biodegradable BB's

  • Indoor fields only allow 0.20g BB's

  • No Freeze Calls

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If you would like us to review your field, please invite us to the field and we will gladly write a review/recommendation.


1693-1 Nakano-cho, Wakaba-ku, Chiba City, Chiba

Field Description:

The field has a nice layout with it being divided by forested areas, embankments with trenches, CQB areas and open areas. The field has recently been renovated, but unfortunately due to the weather, we could not fully use the field or go on the second floor of any of the buildings due to rain.
The safety area had many tables and power outlets and had a food van, toilets and large shop that sells essential equipment as well as airsoft guns and accessories.

Staff were fairly friendly, but they have a strike system for adhering to rules. The rules are extremely strict and you can end up having your guns taken away for something minor as they do not really explain what people did wrong directly.

The monthly Super Athena event claims to have new game modes and prizes that people can win. Based on their homepage, the prizes were airsoft gear as well as guns, however on the day people just won various snacks, with the top prize being a Christmas Tree. They did a phone event for everyone that attended that month, in which you get a call. But from the 22 AOJ members that attended, one got a call. However, due to being unable to pickup, he didn't win. Sorry Josh!

Overall, the experience was good, but the event was nothing special. If they had more game modes than just repeating flag games and one medic game all day, it would have been a much better experience.


¥3,500 ~ (Women play free)

Charter Price:




Nearest Station:

JR Honda Station



AOJ Pickup:

Rental Equipment:


Rental Cost:



Shooting Range:








Changing Rooms:




Other Information:

Field boasts several events such as Super Athena day where participants can win prizes.

Player Rating (Based on after game questionnaire)

average rating is 3 out of 5, based on 5 votes, Player Ratings


● Decent Size
● Recently renovated
● Can win prizes
● Friendly staff


● Strict Rules
● Mostly just flag games
● No game photos
● Long waits between games
● Pickup service is slow

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