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Field Information

Please be aware that fields in Japan almost never have English speaking staff, so either Japanese ability or an interpreter is required. Those who cannot speak Japanese and do not understand the rules will not be allowed to participate.

Note: Games played in our group will always have someone to translate.

General Rules

  • Minimum age limit is 18 years old (some fields may accept those under 18, if a parental waiver is signed, check first)

  • All weapons must comply with Japanese firearm laws. Generally fields will not allow a gun to be used if it is shooting a 0.20g BB at 98m/s or over

  • Outdoor fields only allow 0.20g - 0.28g Biodegradable BB's

  • Indoor fields only allow 0.20g BB's

  • No Freeze Calls

If you would like your field added to our list, please fill in this form.

If you would like us to review your field, please invite us to the field and we will gladly write a review/recommendation.

Camp Devgru

1487 Ogura-cho, Wakaba-ku, Chiba-shi

Field Description:

The field boasts a spacious and diverse layout, featuring elements like graveyards, bunker entrances, gun emplacements, swamps, and lush foliage. However, the vegetation is somewhat overgrown, and the field is in need of maintenance. While there are no buildings to enter, the rest area comfortably accommodates up to 30 people, yet lacks power outlets.

The overall design of the field is impressive, but it requires significant maintenance efforts. Fallen trees, decaying buildings, deteriorating covers, and overgrown bushes are notable issues that need attention.

Despite these challenges, the field holds immense potential for greatness. Strategic maintenance and regular weekend games could not only enhance the field's appeal but also contribute to increased revenue and popularity.

On a positive note, the campsite, where we stayed for two nights, exceeded expectations. Rustic yet comfortable, it provided a memorable experience. The owner and staff were exceptionally kind and friendly, delivering excellent service. Their hospitality greatly contributed to our overall enjoyment of the time spent at the campsite.



Charter Price:




Nearest Station:

Tsuga Station



AOJ Pickup:


Rental Equipment:


Rental Cost:



Shooting Range:

Yes (Inside the field)







Changing Rooms:




Other Information:

A great field and very friendly owner, but could do with a clean up. The rest areas can accommodate up to 30 people with ease.

Player Rating (Based on after game questionnaire)

average rating is 3.5 out of 5, based on 28 votes, Player Ratings


● Friendly Staff
● Diverse Field
● Unique Design
● Relaxed Atmosphere
● Limousine Pickup


● Field needs renovation
● Overgrown
● Charter Only
● No outdoor power outlets

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