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Field Information

Please be aware that fields in Japan almost never have English speaking staff, so either Japanese ability or an interpreter is required. Those who cannot speak Japanese and do not understand the rules will not be allowed to participate.

Note: Games played in our group will always have someone to translate.

General Rules

  • Minimum age limit is 18 years old (some fields may accept those under 18, if a parental waiver is signed, check first)

  • All weapons must comply with Japanese firearm laws. Generally fields will not allow a gun to be used if it is shooting a 0.20g BB at 98m/s or over

  • Outdoor fields only allow 0.20g - 0.28g Biodegradable BB's

  • Indoor fields only allow 0.20g BB's

  • No Freeze Calls

If you would like your field added to our list, please fill in this form.

If you would like us to review your field, please invite us to the field and we will gladly write a review/recommendation.

Desert Union

2853 Hiraga, Inzai City, Chiba Prefecture 270-1605

Field Description:

Desert Union is part of the Survival Field Union group. They offer a variety of fields in the Inzai area that come with an excellent level of hospitality, friendliness and well-managed systems.

This field is one of our favourites, offering a good layout, assortment of games as well as a good flag system and movable tank. The perimeter has forest areas, but the main field is more sparse and spread out with a large 2 floor walkway in the middle and a castle on the hill. The flags are manual, meaning you have to pull rope to raise and lower them which are not just used for capture the flag games, but also domination games. The field has various huts, caravans, containers and such to use as cover and they also have an elimination game/tower defence game which is the most memorable.

The faculties and hospitality of the staff is very welcoming. They often check in on people to ensure they are having a good time and not facing any issues.



Charter Price:




Nearest Station:

Keisei Shisui Station



AOJ Pickup:

Rental Equipment:


Rental Cost:



Shooting Range:








Changing Rooms:




Other Information:

Unique field design with a focus on range and artificial cover.

Player Rating (Based on after game questionnaire)

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