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Game Type:




Fire Selector:


Win Criteria / Goal:


15 mins


Ambush Team - None
Collection Team - One (Medic only)

Semi-Auto (LMG with Bipod only)


3 Items to collect

Any player hit while holding a collection item must drop it when hit.
Ambush team enters the field 5 minutes before to set traps and hide.
Collection team must follow route to collect items.

If all three items are returned, Collection Team Wins
If Collection team are eliminated. Ambush Team Wins

Game Description

The Ambush team must set up mines and traps and hide in the field before the collection team arrives.
The collection team must collect from points A, B & C and return items to HQ.

The collection team needs to follow a route to to the collection points and the Ambush team much set up outside of the routes or around the collection areas to strike and wipe out the opposing team and take the items for themselves.

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