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Bomb The Enemy (2)

Game Type:

Bomb / Puzzle



15 mins




Unlimited (Pairs Only)

1x Bomb & Passcode Puzzle

Fire Selector:



Any player hit while holding bomb must put it on the floor and return to respawn.
Defending Team cannot move the bomb.
Attacking team cannot tamper with or hide the puzzles for the bomb.

Win Criteria / Goal:

1. When bomb is detonated
2. When bomb is not planted/deactivated

Game Description

The bomb will be with the attacking team. The goal is to deliver the bomb as close to the designated location and arm it.
If you are hit while holding the bomb, you must put it on the floor and return to spawn, so that someone else can take it.
The bomb timer will detonate in 15 minutes, so the attacking team must try to get it to the location while the defence team try to find a way to disarm it.

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