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Final Countdown

Game Type:




Fire Selector:


Win Criteria / Goal:

Bomb / Puzzle

15 mins


Unlimited (Pairs Only)



2x Bombs

Any player hit while holding a puzzle piece, must put it on the floor and return to respawn.
Bombs cannot be moved.
Teams cannot move the other team's puzzle pieces.

If the bomb is defused that team wins if they can prevent the other team from defusing theirs.
If both bombs are defused, respawns stop and game becomes an elimination until timeout.

Game Description

Each base has a bomb at it that will go off in 15 minutes.
There will be puzzle pieces in the field for each team to find. Once a piece has been found they must return it to their base. However, if they are hit they must put it down and return to spawn.
Once the bomb is disarmed, that team can focus to delaying the other team's progress on disarming their bomb.
If both bombs are disarmed, the game becomes an elimination and respawns stop.

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