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The Vest

Game Type:




Fire Selector:


Win Criteria / Goal:

Bomb / VIP Rescue

15 mins





1x Bomb Vest, lockboxes & key

Bomb vest wearer can only walk
If the bomb vest wearer is hit they much kneel until a team player touches them

The bomb is detonated
The bomb is deactivated

Game Description

One player is a VIP in enemy custody and with a vest bomb attached to them.
The rescue team must capture the VIP and escort them back to the designated location, unlock the box using the key attached to the vest to get the bomb defusal wire sequence.
Once the bomb is disarmed, they must get the VIP to the exit.
One wrong wire and the bomb detonates.

The enemy team must take the VIP to the designated location and ensure the bomb detonates by holding off the rescue team.

If the bomb is defused, VIP respawns stop and the enemy team must try to execute the VIP.

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