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Our Members

This is your time to shine!

Here we feature our regular members, so you can learn more about our community, what kind of people join our games and maybe share some interests.

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Bravo Nineteen "Ben" (UK)

Meet Ben, the leader of Airsoft Online Japan.

Originally from the UK, he is a married father of two and is autistic, which can make him seem antisocial and awkward at times. However, his passion for the airsoft community is undeniable.


In game, Ben acts as a support gunner, utilizing light machine guns or multiple assault rifles to control elements of the battlefield for his team to complete objectives and thin out enemy numbers.

Ben started airsoft in 2012 after his wife introduced him to it. Until then, Ben had never heard of airsoft. Now he functions as the driving force behind the community, planning and managing events with friends who share a passion for airsoft, building up a community and offering members something no other community does in Japan.

Defrowe Airsoft

Defrowe is an Australian airsofter with a long history of airsoft in Japan. As a published writer, he puts a lot of his expertise in literature into his articles and videos for the global airsoft community, creating interesting and unique content that is both well written, decently formatted and piques the interest of airsoft players from all over the world

Defrowe has been attending AOJ events and games since October 2023 and has been actively supporting AOJ with promoting games, events, donating equipment and creating content about AOJ and what we do.

You can check out Defrowe Airsoft's content in the following links.

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