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AOJ Exclusive Game Modes

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

When we charter a field, having the usual counter games and flag games gets boring.

That is why our games have a unique twist. We like to make our games entertaining, fun, interesting, challenging and cater to military style by incorporating real military aspects into them.

Many of the following games have been used in military selections, war-game skirmishes and special forces training, which have been adapted by our own special forces veteran team member to be used by Airsoft Online Japan as exclusive game modes you wont find anywhere else, unless it has been copied.


The following games have been designed based on a miminim number of players and diverse game modes.

While these were used in special forces training operations, they have been tweaked to be more fun and with airsoft in mind.

We welcome any feedback you might have, and ask that any others using these game modes, give credit where it is due.

Game Modes

Last Man Standing

Game Duration: No Limit

Number of Respawns: 0

Game Mode: Battle Royale

Players 10+

Restrictions: None

Winning Criteria: Last player alive wins.


Free for all death match where you start the game scattered around the field. You can team up with other players, but the game will only stop when one person is left alive.


Modern Duelling

Game Duration: 10 minutes

Number of Respawns: 0

Game Mode: Team

Players 10+

Restrictions: None

Winning Criteria: Whichever team has the most members left by the time is up.


Two teams all stand in the centre of the field. When the first buzzer sounds, everyone runs away to a safe area (behind cover etc.). Then the second buzzer sounds 10 seconds later, and the battle begins.


Medic Domination

Game Duration: 15 minutes

Number of Respawns: Team = Unlimited / Medic = 1

Game Mode: Domination Game

Players 16+

Restrictions: When hit, player sits on floor and can only use handgun.

Hit players cannot reload.

Hit players cannot move unless touching a medic.

Hit players will "die" after 2 minutes if not revived.

Each team will have 1 - 3 medics (depending on team size).

Team can only be revived by medic.

Medic can only be revived once by other medic.

Winning Criteria: Whichever team has the most checkpoints is the winner.


Two teams will go head-to-head to try and dominate the field by taking checkpoints. If a team member is hit, they generally have to sit on the floor and can only use a pistol for two minutes. A medic can revive them by putting their hand on the downed player for 10 seconds.

Each checkpoint will have two flags. When one team arrives, they need to "raise" their flag.

When the time runs out, the flags will be counted.


Predators & Prey

Game Duration: 10 minutes

Number of Respawns: Predators = 0 Prey = 2

Game Mode: Team

Players 10+

Restrictions: Prey can only use pistols, Predators have no restrictions.

Winning Criteria: When prey successfully get to extraction zone, or prey are all killed.


The prey are given a field exit to get to, but the predators do not know which exit. The prey are given a starting position, while predators are given multiple start positions. The predators must try to kill prey before they exit the field to safety.


Juggernauts & Targets

Game Duration: 15 minutes

Number of Respawns: Unlimited

Game Mode: Team Hunt

Players 15+

Restrictions: Juggernauts cannot die.

Juggernauts can only be stunned for 10 seconds by melee attack.

Juggernauts can use full-auto and mag loaders.

Team members use semi-auto only.

Winning Criteria: When the time is up, the team with the most items, wins.


Depending on player numbers, there can be 1-2 juggernauts.

Two teams must search for items hidden throughout the field and return them to their base. But, be careful, as enemy teams can steal from bases.

Only one person can carry one item at a time.


Search Operation

Game Duration: 10 minutes

Number of Respawns: Unlimited

Game Mode: Team Hunt

Players 10+

Restrictions: Hidden buzzers cannot be put inside or under items.

They must be visible when walking nearby.

Winning Criteria: When the enemy's buzzer is pressed for 3 seconds.


Each team captain must "hide" their team's buzzer in the field. The opposing team must try to locate it before the time is up. Once located the buzzer must be pressed for 3 seconds to win.


Tactical Operation

Game Duration: 30 minutes

Number of Respawns: Military

Unlimited (by medics only)

Headshots are counted as instant death & player respawns at base.

Team leaders can only be revived once.


Unlimited respawns

Leader can only be killed by headshot

Game Mode: Mixed

Players 20+

Restrictions: When hit, players sit on the floor and can use a handgun.

The hit player "dies" after 2 minutes.

Players can only be revived by a medic.

Depending on the objectives, there may be more restrictions.

Winning Criteria: Checkpoint is captured, bomb is defused and enemy leader is killed.


There are two teams, one team are military and the other team are terrorists.

The terrorist team have hidden a bomb and captured a checkpoint.

The military must locate the checkpoint and liberate it. Find the bomb information and go to it, defuse the bomb and take it. Go to the enemy encampment and kill the general, plant the bomb and get to extraction.

The terrorists must try to stop the military, protect their leader and prevent their encampment from being raided.


  1. Liberate checkpoint from enemy occupation

  2. Find information on bomb location

  3. Disarm and collect bomb

  4. Repel enemies at encampment

  5. Kill leader

  6. Plant Bomb

  7. Reach extraction.


Search & Rescue Operation

Game Duration: 20 minutes

Number of Respawns: 2

Game Mode: Team (Search & Rescue, and Kidnappers)

Players 12+

Restrictions: The prisoner cannot be killed while unarmed.

The prisoner's hands will be tied together & cannot be untied.

The prisoner can be given a handgun.

The prisoner cannot run and can only move when being escorted.

(example: another player's hand on their shoulder)

Once the prisoner has a weapon, they can be killed.

(dropping or returning the weapon does not change anything)

Winning Criteria: The prisoner safely arrives at extraction zone with all team members.

The prisoner remains in custody or killed (only while armed).


One person from the Rescue Team is the prisoner, their wrists are bound together and they are unarmed. The kidnappers can move the prisoner to different locations and command them, to confuse the Rescue Team.

When the Rescue Team rescues the prisoner (by touching their shoulder), they must escort the prisoner to the designated extraction zone (of which The Kidnappers do not know). The prisoner can be given a handgun (not essential), but this will end the unkillable status, meaning one hit and they are dead.

Once the prisoner has arrived at the safety zone, all Rescue Team members must return for extraction. When the last team member arrives, a 30 second countdown will begin to secure the prisoner. After 30 seconds, as long as one Rescue Team member is within proximity of the extraction zone and prisoner, the Rescue Team wins.

If the prisoner is killed while armed or the time runs out, and the prisoner is still in The Kidnapper's custody, The Kidnappers win.


Bomb Disposal Operation

Game Duration: 20 minutes

Number of Respawns: Unlimited

Game Mode: Puzzle & Bomb Disposal

Players 20+

Restrictions: The bomb cannot be moved.

Terrorists cannot touch the puzzle hints.

Winning Criteria: If the Bomb is defused, the Disposal Team wins

If the Bomb is detonated or time runs out, The Terrorists win.


The Disposal team are given a rough location for a bomb location and must try to find it.

At the Bomb Location will be a guide, detailing potential locations of the enemy leader who has the defusal method.

The Disposal Team must go to retrieve the code/wire cutting method from the enemy leader.

The Terrorists will try to guard the puzzle clue areas to hinder progress.

Bomb Defusal Answer Methods

  • Solving a riddle to find the sequence

  • Searching for keys/codes/instructions on "dead" / captured enemy team leaders

  • Gathering equipment for wire cutting / code fragments.

  • Taking the code/method from enemy leader.

  • Escorting the Bomb Disposal Specialist to the bomb and keeping them safe while they defuse it.

Bomb Defusal Options

  • Passcode

  • Removing/cutting wires

  • Rewiring

  • Synchronised key turning

Note: The bombs used are a handmade design used in warfare with the special forces. They have been modified for various game modes, but essentially use the same parts and core design, just with more options for defusing and a less dangerous finale. If there is enough interest, our team leader may make a limited number of them available for purchase by individuals or even airsoft fields.


Zombies "R" Us

Game Duration: Time Attack (Unlimited)

Number of Respawns: Humans = 1 Zombies = Unlimited

Game Mode: Horde Survival

Players 14+

Restrictions: Zombies cannot run.

Zombies use semi-auto only. (1 shot at a time if no semi-auto)

When a human is killed a second time, they become a zombie.

When a zombie is hit, they must "fall" or sit down for 3 seconds.

When a human becomes a zombie they have 5 - 10 seconds of no hits.

Winning Criteria: After 2 games, the longest time to survive wins.


Survivor team starts in specified area, while zombie team can start in multiple areas.

Zombie teams have no coloured armbands, can only walk and shoot on semi-auto only.

If a zombie is hit, they can either fall down dramatically, or sit down for 3 seconds before they resume.

Once a human has been killed a second time, they sit down, take off their colour bands, and become a zombie. Then once they stand, the next 5 - 10 seconds, hits do not count and they can kill the survivor team.

The game ends when there are no humans left and the winner will be decided based on which team has the longest lifespan.


Assault Operation

Game Duration: Unlimited (Time Attack)

Number of Respawns: Offence Team = Unlimited

Defence Team = None

Game Mode: Assault

Players 10+

Restrictions: Offence Team use semi-auto only.

Defence team can use full-auto

Winning Criteria: After 2 games, the shortest time to complete the objective wins.


The Defence team will get into position first and when ready the game will begin.

The defence team cannot respawn and must repel the Assault Team for as long as possible.

The defence goal would be something akin to a buzzer or maybe even a bomb.

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