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Athena Game Recap

Thank you to the 20+ participants for joining our Athena game. It was great to see some familiar faces, and just as nice to meet new people and gain new players.

Overall it was a fun day at a fairly unique field with a mix of forest, trenches and CQB areas. The weather wasn't great and it certainly was cold. But overall, we feel it was a good day.

Overall communication between participants was much better this time and new friends were made as well as some new people joining AOJ. It was good for me personally to have some time to be able to chat with many of the participants, which is usually impossible on charter days as I am usually too busy with game management and preparations. But I was very happy to meet many of you and actually get some time to chat with you, play with you and yeah... shoot some of you. :-P

While most games were flag games, adding in the lockbox system was fun. I recall several games where people struggles to open the box with their gloves and the time running out before they could open it. It certainly added a level of excitement to the game having a different system and method to attaining the flag. Our December flag game will be a bit different though, but we will only have one flag game as I have many game modes planned.

We were also happy to welcome various new players who enjoyed a day of exhausting battle and fun. Some borrowed AOJ's rental gear, participated in free training and even registered for our December game.

With the many fun experiences, enjoyable social interactions and new friends made, there are naturally some bad aspects that I feel needs addressing as well as a preventative measure in place.

Problem 1

Some people were shot again even after calling hit. While this is generally a judgement error or unclear who is hit and who isn't, it should be made clearer who is hit.

Problem 2

I received several complaints for zombie behaviour by a player. three persons from AOJ complained to me about it as did some of the Japanese players not affiliated with us to the staff.

I think I can speak for most when I say that zombie behaviour is toxic. It denotes not only a lack of skill, but a lack of honesty, integrity and sportsmanship for airsoft.


When a player is hit, one or both hands must be completely raised.

If your hands is not all the way up, and you are hit, it is not completely the fault of the shooter if you are not clearly hit.

We will also have a warning and punishment system for zombies. If they do not play fair and do not improve with warnings and/or punishments. Then they become unwelcome and will not attend any future games or events we host.

Image Courtesy of @SvgfAthena (X/Twitter)

Moving on, the fun did not end with the games, there were also various prizes AOJ members won in the Super Athena Raffle and people sharing them out.

To all the participants, don't forget that a lucky winner will get a call between 18:00 and 19:00 on 3rd December. If you say "よし、アテナにいこう (Yosh, Atena ni ikou)", then you win a prize!

Lastly, I would like to take this moment to thank all participants that came, as well as those who donated to help us not only improve the community, but also game quality and services we can offer. Thank you very much guys!

We hope that everyone enjoyed the day and we hope to see you at our December charter game at Pentagon with some new and improved game modes and a prize for a lucky winner at our lunch time event!!

Register here participate, and donations will be used for the game contents and prizes!

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Nov 28, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

As we some times have new players joining our games, we want them to enjoy the experience. Even with existing members, we hope each experience will be better and memorable (in a positive way). IMHO over-confidence, arrogance along with dishonesty are qualities I don't like in an indiviual and if you are trash talking, a zombie, spewing toxic-criticism about other's gear and skipping out on paying to use the field, you are a disgrace and set poor examples for our new players. In this game, if some of our members were complaining and in addition other participants outside of AOJ were complaining, we will have to do better at enforcing better standards even when we aren't chartering the game. A…

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