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What is the best airsoft Handgun for beginners?

A question we often see from people who are just starting out in airsoft is which gun is the best to start with. For any person new to airsoft, getting a rifle can be somewhat of an investment, so we will start with something simple. A handgun.


This is the standard for most indoor fields. They are cheap, reliable and accepted in any field (as long as they have not been modified to go beyond legal specifications).

While handguns are easy to weild and small to transport, they do have their drawbacks.

  • A gas handgun will work well indoors and outdoor in warmer months. However when the weather is much colder, they will not work as well.

  • An electric handgun will work in all weather types, but the magazines are generally small, easy to lose and some break easily.

  • Handguns do have limited range due to the shorter barrel. So it cannot be used effectively over a longer distance.

  • Magazines tend to be limited and there are no reliable high-capacity magazine options.

Best Airsoft Handguns for Beginners

Tokyo Marui HK45 Gas Blowback Handgun

Brand: Tokyo Marui

Price: ¥16,000

Weight: 845g

Total length: 204mm

Number of shots: 29 shots

Firing mode: Semi-auto

Made from ABS with metal internal parts with full blowback functionality, this handgun is reliable, well-made and easily customisable. Marui also has a tactical version that offers a threaded barrel with silencer.


Tokyo Marui Glock 19 Gen 4 Gas Blowback Handgun

Brand: Tokyo Marui

Price: ¥16,000

Weight: 640g

Total length: 185mm

Number of shots: 22 shots

Firing mode: Semi-auto

Larger cylinder gives more power and blowback power while achieving the famous Tokyo Marui reliability with a vast array of customisation options, making this a favourite with many airsofters.


Action Army AAP01 Gas Blowback Handgun

Brand: Action Army

Price: ¥14,000

Weight: 650g

Total length: 230mm

Number of shots: 23 shots

Firing mode: Semi-auto / full-auto

The Assassin Airsoft Pistol 01 is based on a Ruger Mk IV and is one of the most versatile handguns used in airsoft. Using glock magazines and a multitude of upgrade options, this reliable handgun can even be turned into an SMG or assault rifle. and features both semi and full-auto firing modes with a threaded barrel to attach a tracer or silencer.


Tokyo Marui SOCOM Mk23 Fixed Slide Gas Handgun

Brand: Tokyo Marui

Price: ¥13,000

Weight: 850g

Total length: 245mm / 427mm

Number of shots: 28 shots

Firing mode: Semi-auto (non-recoil)

When it comes to recoil-less handguns, you cannot fault the Tokyo Marui SOCOM Mk23, which many will know from Metal Gear Solid games. This comes with a rail mount with functioning flashlight and metal silencer. It is sturdy, well-made and accurate.


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Oct 13, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Nice! But I'm surprised the Beretta Series wasn't among the list of good handguns for beginners. IMO, the Beretta Series right-out-of-the-box in my experince are reliable, well made, durable, good round capacity an can vary from semi-auto M9 or M92 models to full-auto M93r or Auto-9 series. Egronicmally nice and looks cool! No upgrades necessary, great for beginners.

I feel that the Army AAP is a bit more advanced as that thing has many interchangable parts and upgrades, I feel it's more suitable for someone who is not a beginner and tinkers around with modifying their gun. I've never used one, but have heard they can be upgraded to be even more powerful, precise, and reliable. It also imho, i…

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