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Camping & Airsoft (Oct 2023)

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

Join us at Camp Devgru for a day of airsoft, following by an evening BBQ and camping.

Venue: Crittersite (Same location as the airsoft field)

CampCheck-in: 21st October (from around 16:30)

Prices: ¥3,500 each for camping (without rental equipment such as tents, sleeping bag, grill etc)

The more people that join, the cheaper the price becomes.

Plus, ¥3,600 for airsoft.

Ideally, we would all meet at the collection point for pickup, put our overnight stuff at the venue and play airsoft all day.

After airsoft, we take a short walk over to the campsite (3 minutes walk), check in, pitch up our tents, get the BBQ going and kick back for some relaxation.

Check out will be at 11:30, so Sunday morning we will need to have packed up and tidied before the check out time. A shuttle bus will be available to take us back to the station.

AOJ Staff have booked critter site 8

Our staff will be staying at Crittersite number 8 from Friday, 20th October until Sunday 22nd October for preparations and to liaise with the Camp Devgru owner.

You are welcome to join us the day before (Friday), check in is from 14:30 on the day.

There will be a wide range of rental items available with tents for 2-4 people (¥2,200), sleeping bags (¥1,100), grills (¥1,650), charcoal, etc. and the campsite is near some shops. To cut costs down you can share tents, grills, food costs etc. Our staff will help you with this as well as the booking procedure.

We estimate that airsoft and camping (without rentals, food etc.) would cost around ¥7,000.


  • 135m skywalk connecting camping site, glamping site and airsoft site

  • Outdoor Kitchen area (cleaning, water and food preparation etc.)

  • Stone pizza oven

  • Bushcraft area

  • Vegetable harvesting

  • Free rental bicycle

  • Toilets with bidets/washlets

  • Showers

  • Changing rooms

  • On-site shop with rental items available

  • Free Wi-Fi

  • Various outlets for charging phones, batteries etc.

  • Free shuttle service

For more information, send us a message or comment below.

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