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December Airsoft Event in Chiba

December 17th will mark our second charter game.

For this game, we will be hosting it at Game Field Battle's new and improved charter field, PENTAGON.

The field has been completely remodelled to have several zones for forest, ranged and CQB gameplay. Naturally we have attained a map of the layout of the field and have chosen game modes to match the field and ranging from tactical style gameplay to all out chaos.

Game Modes

The selected game modes will include the use of two different useable bombs as well as heavily armed juggernauts that cannot be killed, but can be "recruited" to your team. This will turn the tides of any game mode either in your favour, or your end.

The juggernauts will be heavily armoured, using SGR-12, LMG, pump action shotguns, etc and an endless amount of ammunition. So recruiting them to be on your side is essential, but approaching them is best done when they reload.

Free Training Session

We will also be offering a free training session to new players on weapon use, safety guidelines, basic game rules and such. Beginners will also get a "bonus life" on games with no respawn.


We will also be ordering lunch for those who need it. The options for lunch will be hamburg steak or mackerel. The cost will be ¥700 and ordered before 10:00. The field also has cup noodles for sale, or if you prefer to buy from a convenience store, there is one right by the station for pickup.


There will of course be free pickup from Yachiyodai Station starting at 08:20 until 08:50. All registered participants will get an email a couple of days beforehand to confirm the pickup information as well as other essential details. If you miss the pickup, you will need to take a taxi as we cannot pick up after 09:00.

Flea Market

In addition to the games, we will be hosting an airsoft flea market. All profits from anything sold will go towards AOJ's running costs (this website, vehicle rental for transportation of game materials, advertising, creation and upgrading of equipment and props, etc.)

In addition to this, we do accept donations, and all donations will go towards running costs as mentioned above. If you want to bring things to sell. By all means do and do not worry as we do not take a percentage or anything like that. You manage and collect money for what you sell.


The cost of the games is broken down below.

Game Fee: ¥3,500 Lunch: ¥700 (Optional)

Rental Gun: ¥2,500 (Beginners only)

Rental Clothes: ¥1,000 (Beginner's only)

Rental Mask: ¥500 (Beginner's only)

BB's (Ammo): ¥3,000 (¥1,500 if you order from us no later than 13th December)

Beginner's Fee: ¥11,200 with lunch and all rentals

AOJ Pre-booking Fee: ¥9,000 (Must be booked before 13th December to get this price)

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