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December's Charter Game @ SGF Beam


Get ready for an exciting airsoft adventure at the new SGF BEAM field! The field features three distinct zones: the Village Area, Kombinat Area, and Bush Area, each offering unique tactical challenges. Up to 150 players can join, with a mix of full-auto, long-range, and dynamic gameplay. The day includes 6 morning games and 8 afternoon games, with potential for additional rounds and a mystery game if time allows. Most weapons are allowed, with special rules for realism, including weapon hits and semi-endurance matches. Bring a variety of gear for different scenarios, from LMGs to sniper rifles. Prepare for an action-packed experience!


Game Date: Sunday, 15th December 2024

Game Fee: ¥4,500

Lunch: ¥600 (curry and rice)

Pickup: FREE - 08:30~ Shin Keisei Station West Exit


Exciting news! As we approach the end of the year, we have an adventurous plan in store for our airsoft enthusiasts. We are gearing up to explore a brand-new airsoft field, one that promises thrills and challenges like never before.

SGF BEAM beckons with its diverse landscapes, reminiscent of SGF No.9 but with its own unique twist. Our upcoming mission will unfold in one of the larger fields, boasting three distinct zones waiting to be conquered.

Village Area

Step into the village area, where towering buildings offer strategic vantage points and lush tropical trees sway in the breeze. The grassy terrain sets the stage for intense firefights and tactical maneuvers.

Kombinat (Combined) Area

Prepare for an industrial showdown in the Kombinat area, where metal containers, vehicles, and elevated structures create a gritty urban battleground. Every corner holds the promise of intense combat scenarios.

Bush Area

For those craving a more natural setting, the Bush area awaits with its organic layout, scattered buildings, and abundant foliage providing ample cover. Stealth and cunning will be key in navigating this untamed terrain.

Gather your gear and muster your courage, for this field is primed for up to 150 participants, ensuring adrenaline-pumping action filled with sprinting, dodging, and long-range shootouts. Get ready to immerse yourself in an airsoft experience like never before!

Exciting Game Plan Ahead!

Get ready for an action-packed day filled with intense gameplay and thrilling challenges. Our game types are specially crafted to amp up the excitement, featuring full-auto mayhem, long-range engagements, and dynamic props that will keep you on your toes.

Morning and Afternoon Lineup

Prepare for a total of 6 games in the morning, with sides switching for each round. If players can gear up quickly, we'll squeeze in extra games before lunch and another 8 games in the afternoon. But wait, there's more! If everyone stays sharp with quick turnarounds, we might unveil a mystery game involving 4 teams vying for victory in a unique challenge that pits each team against each other with different objectives.

Afternoon Showdowns

With a minimum of 30 players, brace yourself for epic three-team battles in the afternoon. It's going to be a showdown like no other!

Rules of Engagement

Unleash your arsenal as almost any weapon goes! Shields are in play, and we've spiced up the rules for added realism. A weapon hit will disable it temporarily, requiring quick thinking to unjam the weapon and get back in the action. And watch out, a second hit seals the fate of your firearm, rendering it useless.

We will also be having a semi-endurance game set with up to one hour on the field, so pack those drums and high capacity magazines!

Strategic Weapon Choices

For those seeking domination, bring along your trusty Light Machine Guns (LMGs) for certain game modes. While some scenarios limit you to semi-auto, LMGs with bipods can still rain full-auto fury on the battlefield. There will also be opportunity for snipers to use their rifles as well as some CQB games for handgun and SMG/PDW users. Choose your weapons wisely!

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