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February Charter Game at SGF No.9

Updated: Feb 15

What better way to kick of 2023 after a great time at Sabage Paradise than to host another charter game!

This time we will be going to Survival Field No.9 (サバゲーフィールドNO9) in Chiba.


The Field

Name: Survival Field No.9

Address: 2517-1 Iwato, Inzai City, Chiba

Field: Ridley Field

Fee: ¥4,000

SF No.9 is a very large set of six fields that spans a staggering 66,115 square metres. Each field has a theme, whether it is forest, bushes and buildings, urban warfare or even something straight from an old Clint Eastwood western movie.

The field itself being impressively large, utilises a shared safety area, heated room, shop, changing rooms, showers, 60m shooting range, kitchen with original curry and more.

We will be taking advantage of the Ridley Field in the south. This is a wild west themed field that has two streets that combine a mixture of long range combat and CQB. The field has a private safety area elevated above the centre of the field. Meaning you can watch the action, even when you are out.

Our field for the day has a private elevated safety area inside the field and is right next to the car park.


The Plan

With the field having a western movie theme, what better game theme than to incorporate action movies and stand-offs. Since the field is a kind of western theme, some of us are going full flannel shirt and cowboy hat, while others are going full Clint Eastwood with ponchos and gunslinger belts.

We will be having more active games that will rely on a combination of speed, agility, accuracy and sheer determination. We will have juggernauts, bombs, fortification games, heist games, free for all games, CQB medic games, high-value-target elimination, president assassination and more.

Since we have more people, we will have some 3 team games to add a little extra gameplay options to the mix.

Some games will be restricted to semi-auto only and a couple of games will use just air-cocking guns / shotguns / handguns. But in general, any loadout is fine.

We have also come up with some new game modes we want to try out. One of them will push everyone to their limits.

We have changed the first games, as usually we have a team deathmatch counter game and capture the flag game to warm up with. This time we will not be doing these and instead have split the day.

  • The first half of the day is more tactical two team games that will focus on teamwork, planning and some drama for those that want to act out hollywood movies.

  • The second half of the day is more intense and utilises 3 teams, to create a unique and chaotic environment with the last games being more of a free for all and a stealth game.


The Teams

We have added team information here so people can be ready. If we have any last minute registrations, they will be added to balance teams out later.

Morning Teams

Red Team

Blue Team

Stuart (Captain) Ben Yukari Kelcey Joel Toshiaki Alvaro Dave Dan B Declan Alex Yuki Anas Raj Tokuji

Kee (Captain) Josh Kimmy Austin Nigel Noah Robert Kanta Kota Teddie Chen Oliver Francis Christopher Dan

After lunch the teams will be shuffles for the afternoon games. We have balanced them as best as possible while keep friends together.

Afternoon Teams

Red Team

Blue Team

Yellow Team

Stuart (Captain) Kelcey Joel Toshiaki Dan Declan Alex Yuki Anas Tokuji

Kee (Captain) Kimmy Austin Nigel Noah Robert Kanta Kota Teddie Chen

Ben (Captain) Yukari Josh Alvaro Dave Raj Oliver Francis Christopher Dan


The Props

Old Version of the Bombs

The bomb we use (BD1) has been completely overhauled.

A more rigid keypad has been installed as well as the battery system has been upgraded to use an 11.7v LiPo with a voltage regulator and low battery alarm system. I have also added a 120 decibel siren for a louder finish if the bomb goes off. The faceplate has been changed to a black acrylic finish which allows easy modification.

The wiring has been replaced to adopt a modular system in which parts can be changed easily in the event of a problem

The timer also has had the battery replaced with a NiMH battery and a voltage regulator for smoother output and will be used for test phase 2. The case will be changed at a later date to incorporate more space inside the device as right now it is somewhat cramped.

I am also working on a better pipe bomb. While it works flawlessly, it doesn't have the look I wanted. So I will be getting some more pipes and going through a redesign process as well as painting them to make it look better. In addition, I am working on a defusable suicide vest to use for a modification to a VIP game. But Due to time restrictions I am only half way and could not finish it. But it will be ready for the next charter.


What to Bring

As with all of our events, there are no imposed rules on weapon types, ammunition count or props. You can bring whatever you like. But we do recommend that you bring suitable clothes for easy movement and some games will involve all players running.

Camouflage is optional as the field is less woodland and more urban, so those wanting to wear something else or even more action-movie-like or cowboy themed are more than welcome.

Essential items for game modes

  • Assault Rifle / Rifle (of course)

  • Handgun(s) **

  • Spring guns (air-cocking) **

  • Shotguns **

  • Ear / head protection (potential headshot game)

  • Cowboy hat (if you have it)

** Don't worry if you do not have these, we have rental options and some that can be loaned as well as alternatives.


Pickup Information

Providing we have enough people, we will be working with the field to arrange pickups. While they do not really publicly offer a pickup service, they will help us with getting people to the field.

Pickup will be at Keisei Usui Stations' north exit, in the Family Mart car park.

Pickup time: 08:30~

In the event the field cannot handle pickups, we have rented a vehicle and ask that everyone pay ¥600 yen each to cover the extra costs.

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