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January 2024 Update

Happy New Year!

Thank you to all our supporters, participants and followers! We hope that 2024 will be an even better year!

Our next charter game is set… for now… This field will depend on early birds booking ASAP.

18th February we will be hosting a private game at Survival Game Field No. 9 in Chiba. This is a large field with a western theme. The theme of the day will be somewhat Hollywood movies. Think, action movies, fast paced action, teamwork, drama, etc.

However, In order to keep the reservation, we need a minimum of 20 people to have reserved via our homepage by 1st February. Otherwise, we will have to cancel the reservation and try elsewhere.

You can reserve your spot here. But please do so as early as possible so we can all enjoy this unique field.

Cost: ¥4,000

The cost includes pickup and will be first-booked, first-reserved. So please book early for pickup. If we have a large number of participants, we can request pickup assistance from the field. But, we only have until 1st February.



21st Jan 2024

Sabage Paradise

This is a unique field like no other in Japan. Not only can you enjoy airsoft, but you can experience riding in buggies, air strikes, land mines and more diverse game modes.

While pickups are now full, we do have some tickets left as this is a special event day, of which pre-booking is required. But I have been told by the field that since we have a larger number of people, we can add some more if they book in advance.

Cost: ¥5,000

Pickup & Drop-off: ¥400


General Updates

Recently, fields have taken interest in the game modes we are hosting as well as the prototype props we are using. While they are still in the testing phase and need some modifications, once complete they will be a part of our regular games and an ongoing theme that will be improved upon, in due course. 

Not only are the bombs we have being upgraded with better power supplies, louder sirens and reliability improvements, Ben is also working on a “suicide vest” for a new game mode as well as making reusable smoke grenades. But these will depend solely on participant donations to make them happen as materials are not cheap.

Wood Works design gun rack

In addition to this, Ben is also working on making rifle, handgun and magazine racks to be sold at flea markets with the first design under way. He is working with his father-in-law, who is a skilled engineer. The design will be fairly simple and be somewhat similar to the design found here.

They will be somewhat modular, with the widths being  varied to accommodate anything from two to five rifles, with special orders available for more. Also optional angled shelves and even handgun shelves that can be added, so you can store your rifles, shotguns, machine guns, handguns, magazines and more, all in one small area to maximize storage in a small area.

No price has been set for the racks yet, as the design is complete and the prototype will be underway later this month. Once we have an idea of material costs and time to make, we will work on pricing them.

We have also been in active discussion with airsoft fields and content creators on ways to improve airsoft as well as a benefit system for our members. While it is early days, we hope these will be beneficial to our members if they come into fruition.

Once again, thank you all for your continued support, and we hope to see you all at our charter game in February.

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