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May Game Plans

As many of you may be aware, May 18th marks the final game of the season for AOJ before our summer sabbatical, with games set to resume in September.

We're delighted by the enthusiastic response from the community regarding the upcoming May game, which promises an afternoon match, BBQ, evening game, and overnight camp.

With the date fast approaching, we wanted to take this opportunity to provide everyone with an update on the current plans for the day.

Day Games

The Day games will consist of more chaotic and action based gameplay.


Step up to the challenge with AOJ's custom-made Domination Boxes! Race against the clock to score the most points before time runs out!

Assassinate the President

Your mission, should you choose to accept it: locate and take down the president before he retrieves the missile codes and wipes out your base! Can you beat the clock and save your team?

Bomb the Enemy

Join forces as you escort the Demolitions expert to plant the bomb at the enemy base. Protect your team and strategize to eliminate opponents once the bomb explodes. It's a race against time and a test of tactical prowess to eliminate the enemy.

The Vest

Feel the tension rise as one player dons a bomb vest while the opposing team scrambles to rescue the hostage and disarm the explosive device. With every wire you disconnect, the stakes get higher. Make a wrong move, and it's game over!

Free for All

Enter the fray in a heart-pounding semi-auto shootout, where handguns rule the game (but beginners can opt for rifles)! Engage in a no-holds-barred battle in a restricted area—only the toughest will emerge victorious as the last person standing!


Night Games


There's still time to secure your spot! As of this post, we have 25 bookings for the games and 6 spots left for camping.

In the event that our player count exceeds 30, we'll adjust the format to introduce three-team matchups, enhancing the competition and variety for all participants.

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