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Meet Ben, the AOJ Team Leader

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

Moveable tank used at Desert Union
Ben riding a Tank at Desert Union

Name: Ben (Nineteen)

Country: Japan (British Born)

In-Game Role: Heavy Assault/Weapons

Team: Airsoft Online Japan

Start Date: 2013 at Asobiba (Akihabara)

Primary Gun: Tokyo Marui HK416D

Secondary Gun: Tokyo Marui MP5 A5

General Role: Managing events, activities, information and liaising with fields and players.

Hobbies: Airsoft, video games, camping, survival & wilderness, military, family, raising children, drinking craft beers & action movies.

Favourite Field: SGF Ikusa & Desert Union


Weapon List

  • Hi-Capa 5.1 Gold Match (GBB) (Handgun)

  • M1911A1 (GBB) (Handgun)

  • Glock 18C (GBB) (Handgun)

  • Desert Eagle (GBB) (Handgun)

  • MP5 A5 (NGRS) (SMG)

  • G36C (AEG) (AR)

  • HK416 Delta Custom (NGRS) (AR)

  • M3 Super 90 (AC) (Shotgun)

  • KAC Stoner 96 (AEG) (LMG)

Social Media Channels


Ben has been in Japan for 15 years and serves as the team leader of AOJ (Airsoft Online Japan).

Ben was first introduced to Airsoft in 2013 by his wife who thought he'd enjoy it. After attending many indoor fields in Tokyo such as Asobiba and Bravepoint , Ben took a sabbatical for several years.

Ben resumed his passion for Airsoft in 2022 after a close friend invited him to a chartered airsoft game. While Ben was diagnosed with seasonal affective disorder (mild depression and sickness due to changes in season), UV-sensitive syndrome (intolerance to sunlight and ultraviolet light), PTSD and high-functioning autism, he hasn't let it hold him back and strives to do better both in game and in life.

Ben attended several games in an airsoft group and hosted a few while the group owner was taking a sabbatical and while other admins were not actively participating in any group activities. However, after problems with the group owner's attitude and behaviour, Ben decided to leave the group and focus more on playing with his close friends. Wanting more engagement and activity in Airsoft and to build a new and open community, introducing not only Airsoft, but other outdoor activities to both foreign and Japanese players, Ben, along with his close friends, started Airsoft Online Japan (AOJ), as a means to unite players without language barriers and expand an already small and distant community.

This homepage was made adding features such as field lists, shop lists, information, groups, a forum, a shop, events pages and booking pages as well as collaborating with airsoft influencers and other airsoft groups to take Airsoft in Japan to a new level. This also means making a platform of which will not be hindered by social media rules against airsoft.

Bakudan Mk1 (Defusable Bomb made by Ben)

Since the successful establishment of AOJ, Ben has been working on making aspects of games and events stand out. So far he is making several defusable bombs from scratch out of Arduino motherboards and Raspberry Pi boards, as well as several props to use in games.

If you want more information or to be a part of the community, you can sign up and get up-to-date news on airsoft games, events and activities.

If you want to be featured, please complete this form.

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Erika Morishita
Erika Morishita
Aug 30, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.


Bravo Nineteen
Bravo Nineteen
Sep 05, 2023
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Sarah Cole
Sarah Cole
Aug 24, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

You are doing a great job Ben. Keep it up!!


Bravo Nineteen
Bravo Nineteen
Aug 16, 2023

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