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Meet the Airsofter - Airsoft.Varney

Jareesh and her sidearm in front of a bus
Varney with his silenced Mk 23

Name: Varney

Country: United Kingdom

In-Game Role: Sniper (full ghillie)

Group Name: Death Dealers

Start Date: 2019

Primary Gun: Steyr Scout (Sniper Rifle)

Secondary Gun: Mk 23 (Handgun)

Hobbies: Airsoft, sports, cars & movies

Favourite Field: Phoenix Airsoft (UK)

Game Regularity: Plays weekly


Weapon List

Varney and his team in full MILSIM gear
  • Steyr Scout (Air Cocking) (Sniper)

  • Mk 23 (GBB) (Handgun)

  • VSR10 (Air Cocking) (Sniper)

  • Kythera M4 (HPA) (AR)

  • AAP 01 (GBB) (Handgun)

Social Media Channels

Jareesh sporting an RPG

Varney started playing airsoft around 2019 after playing paintball with friends and then being introduced to airsoft. In his words, "the bug bit straight away".

After playing numerous games, Varney started his own airsoft team called, Death Dealers Airsoft. Varney has found that airsoft has been a fantastic way to meet new friends and socialise with other people from various walks of life.

DDA now has 7 members in the team which witch all have the own role within the team that makes for great airsoft games, ensuring each team member can cover each other at all times. Which Varney believes makes for much better games knowing your back is being watched at all times.

Varney's favourite field at the moment is called Pheonix Airsoft. The field is perfect for snipers due to the dense woodland, various buildings, and lots of other barricades to use for cover. He tends to play weekly with a combination of friends and his Death Dealers Airsoft crew, to dominate the battlefield, providing a good combination of covering fire, tactical assault and ranged cover when completing objectives. Varney feels this is what has made the Death Dealers successful.

Varney recalled that during one game, a grenade was thrown through the door way. He was crouched down down watching another doorway when the grenade landed behind him at his feet and a team member grabbed the back of his plate carrier and dragged him out the way before it exploded... Fortunately though, he was out of the way when it detonated and wasn't hit.

Varney was recently hospitalised with an unexpected collapsed lung to which he was told he would have to limit his activity for a few months and couldn't exert himself. However, playing the sniper role in airsoft helped him a lot as he can take his time to stealthily stalk his enemies, without needing to run, which kept him playing airsoft during his recovery period and help him get fitter.

Another aspect of airsoft that Varney and his team participate in are weekend MilSim (military Simulation events that take place monthly with camping. Their MilSim events have a realistic feel to them incorporating tactical planning, staying in the woodland and completing tasks and objectives. This has become an aspect of airsoft that Varney has come to love.

His team attended a JBG MilSim event in Cornwall. JBG (Johnny Big Gun) Airsoft is managed by ex-military troops, adding a higher sense of realism whilst combining fun and various activities which Varney and his team describe as an awesome weekend, learning new skills and tactics that has helped them work better as a team, creating a stronger synergy when on the field.

Varney said that the best part of airsoft is meeting new people, socialising and sharing experiences. However, the bad part is sometimes fields have "zombies" which do not call their hits, which can become bothersome.

Message to new players

Go and have fun!!

That's the main factor. Meet new people, socialise, and enjoy the hobby as much as you can with like-minded people.


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Aug 31, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Great story about preservance in trying to overcome your health condition. Good way to stay active and healthy even when the doc wants you to take it easy. Awesome!

Bravo Nineteen
Bravo Nineteen
Sep 05, 2023
Replying to

It’s good as there is always a way.

A guy I know had to take it easy after knee surgery so he switched to a sniper and then juggernaut role to avoid running.


Erika Morishita
Erika Morishita
Aug 30, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.



Rated 5 out of 5 stars.


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