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Meet the Airsofter - Defrowe Airsoft

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

Defrowe Airsoft in his usual attire, ready for action

Name: Defrowe

Country: Japan (Born in Australia)

In-Game Role: Assault

Start Date: 2005

Primary Gun: M733 Assault Rifle

Secondary Gun: Carbon8 DOC Handgun

Hobbies: Airsoft, collecting airsoft replicas, whisky & N64 games, podcasting & photography.

Favourite Field: Desert Union (Japan)

Game Regularity: Plays monthly


Weapon List (This is his shortlist as he has MANY)

Defrowe Airsoft in full tactical gear
  • TM MP5A4 NGRS (EBB) (AR)

  • TM M733 First Tachyon (AEG) (AR)

  • TM ARP9 (AEG) (Shortstroked SMG)

  • Carbon8 M45 DOC (GBB) (Handgun)

  • Marushin Constrictor 8mm (Gas) (Revolver)

  • A&K M249 Chainsaw (AEG) (LMG)

  • KWA STRAC - ERG and TEG (AEG) (AR)

Social Media Channels

Defrowe in his black BDU

Defrowe started his journey into the world of airsoft back in 2005 when he arrived in Japan from Australia. In his country the regulations surrounding guns is extremely strict, which makes airsoft somewhat illegal.

While he has never seen an airsoft gun before, after arriving in Japan, while browsing the aisles in Yodabashi Camera (a popular electronics retail store in Japan), he stumbles upon airsoft guns on display. While this surprised him, given the restrictions he has been accustomed to in Australia, he decided to seize the opportunity and purchase some airsoft guns.

It was not long after that he made the surprising discovery that airsoft guns are not just replicas, but used for an exciting and competitive sport. The concept of using these for a competitive and organised game intrigued him that he decided to take the next step of joining a game. Defrowe found a flyer at Echigoya in Shinjuku for an airsoft field group called Union. It wasn't long before he began attending regular games, building up a collection and embraced every aspect of airsoft he can.

Desert Union became Defrowe's favourite field to play (and one of ours too, check our review here). The field is located in Chiba and offers a unique setting making games more immersive. They offer a pick-up service, which makes commuting to and from much more convenient, eliminating the hassle of finding how to get there.

Gaza switching to his sidearm

They also allow full-auto firing, which adds more excitement giving an adrenaline pumping element to gameplay, which he admits he gets a kick out of rapid fire action. A day's fee is also reasonably cheap and doesn't break the bank. So he can enjoy airsoft games without worrying about things being too expensive.

One of Defrowe's favourite game modes at Desert Union is the Tower Defence game. It is an incredibly enjoyable game mode where you use fully automatic fire with team mates to mow down wave after wave of attacking enemies. The level of intensity and strategy involved in this game mode keeps him going back for more.

One of the challenges Defrowe had to overcome was smooth reloading. Being able to reload smoothly is a real game-changer, so he faced this challenge head on and began searching through YouTube to learn all kinds of techniques from basics to advanced, with some tailored to certain skill levels.

What made YouTube invaluable to him was the visual aspect of learning. Watching experts perform smooth reloads in real-time helps him to grasp the nuances. Being able to pause, replay and rewind these tutorials was essential to help him master each step.

Defrowe found that creators often provided insightful commentary, explaining the mechanics and logical reasoning behind every move. This deep understanding allowed him to pinpoint and correct his mistakes effectively. As he watched more videos, gaining consistent advice from different creators helped him to understand what aspects to focus on, and reassured him he is on the right path. Armed with this knowledge, he practiced relentlessly in real-life games, gradually improving reloads. Over time his reloads became smooth and efficient, eliminating vulnerabilities. Youtube turned his weakness into a strength, proving that determination and the right resources can help you overcome any challenge.

Defrowe also mentioned that his best memory in airsoft was at Get@City field, at an abandoned hotel in Tokyo. This experience was nothing like he ever experienced before.

First and foremost, the highlight of the day was breaching and clearing real rooms within the abandoned hotel with fellow airsoft influencer Maydaysan Airsoft. This was a significant difference from the usual gameplay of clearing barricades at a regular field. The thrill of entering a room in an actual building, knowing there could be an enemy lurking behind every corner, added a heightened level of excitement and realism to the game. The rush of adrenaline as Defrowe and his team moved through each room, carefully checking for opponents was incredibly satisfying.

One of the unique challenges his team faced at Get@City was playing in low-light conditions. Here, they needed to illuminate the dark areas to navigate effectively and spot potential threats, but at the same time, they had to be cautious not to give away their position by revealing their location with too much use of their lighting equipment. This added an element of strategy and suspense he had never experienced.

Another aspect that made for a great memory, was the angles of engagement. Unlike the wide-open fields, the rooms at Get@City has limited space, meaning that you could accurately predict where enemies might appear. This required a much higher level of teamwork an communication to control these narrow choke points effectively. The anticipation of enemy movements and tactical maneuvering within the confined spaces made for a more dynamic and intense gameplay experience.

In the scorching summer of 2005, a group of airsoft enthusiasts attended a chartered game that would forever be etched into their memories. That year was somewhat of a turning point for airsoft, as the guns they wielded were significantly more powerful than today's models due to recent law changes. This game pushed the player's limits and create a lasting bond among them.

The battleground was at an indoor facility that had seen it's fair share of skirmishes. It was the perfect setting for a showdown. Two teams of ten players assembled for a shirts versus skins game. One team would wear shirts, while the other team would go shirtless. The consequences of this choice would become apparent as the game progressed.

As the game began, the players scattered into the maze-like corridors of the main arena. The tension was palpable as they navigated the dimly lit hallways, each step fraught with anticipation. Every sound, every shadow could be a foe lying in wait.

The first few minutes of the game were a chaotic exchange of BB's whizzing through the air and shouted commands. The "Skins" team, including Defrowe, found themselves at a disadvantage due to the lack of protection. They quickly realised they had to adopt a more tactical approach, using cover and teamwork to survive.

As the game progressed, the thrill of the challenge consumed the players. The "Skins" team members felt stinging from impacts of the BB's on their bare skin and it pushed them to their limits.

However, amidst the frenzy, a reckless move by one of the players from the opposing team changed everything. In a moment of misjudgment, he removed his goggles, thinking he could wipe sweat from his eyes quickly. Before anyone could react, a BB from an unknown gun found its mark, striking the unprotected player in the eye.

Time seemed to stand still as the player collapsed in pain, clutching his injured eye. The game came to an abrupt halt as everyone rushed to his side. Panic and concern filled the room as they realised the gravity of the situation. It was a stark reminder of the risks they took in this intense sport.

Fortunately, after a few weeks of uncertainty and medical treatment, the injured player regained his vision. The incident served as a harsh lesson, a reminder that safety should always come first in airsoft, no matter how exhilarating the game.

When asked what are the pros and cons of airsoft, Defrowe said that there are a few on both sides.

Airsoft gives you the opportunity to handle replica firearms, proving a unique experience for those interested in weapons and the military, without the dangers associated with real guns.

Airsoft can also teach you dynamic problem-solving strategies. Since airsoft requires strategic thinking and teamwork, it fosters a dynamic environment for players to use problem-solving skills and work together to achieve objectives and outmaneuver opponents. Working as a team provides a great opportunity of making new friends in a tight-knit community in a cooperative and competitive environment. Airsoft a good sport to exercise and relieve stress, due to the significant amount of physical activity, including running, crouching, dodging and carrying around equipment. Adding on an escape into another world to leave behind everyday stresses and pressure makes airsoft a fun way to improve cardiovascular health and also a good way to release stress and blow off some steam.

On the other hand, Defrowe did state that airsoft is an expensive hobby. High-quality replica guns, protective gear and accessories can add up quickly, and avid players may find themselves spending a significant amount of money of guns, equipment, accessories, etc. In addition, some fields do not offer a pick-up service, meaning transportation to the field may require a long walk from a station, a car or taxi. Which can limit access for those who do not have access to reliable transportation.

Airsoft can also be time-consuming, as outdoor fields usually take the entire day. This could be a drawback for people with busy schedules or other commitments. Not to mention, the physical exhaustion can affect your daily life after the game has finished when you experience physical fatigue. But, that doesn't hold back Defrowe as he strives to play his games monthly, getting the most out of the sport, adding to his large collection of airsoft guns and equipment.


Message to new players

Rent a gun before buying one, getting a feel for different types can help you find a gun that suits your play style, and helps you make an informed decision when you buy one.

Make sure to learn the rules of the fields. Familiarizing yourself with the rules and safety guidelines of airsoft fields, or events you attend is extremely important. Always prioritize safety by wearing proper eye protection, following the rules and using your airsoft gun responsibly.

I always think that when starting out, a high-capacity magazine is helpful to reduce reloading, giving you more room for error while you are still learning. When you improve, you can choose standard or mid-capacity magazines to add a tactical challenge to your games.

I believe it is essential to strike a balance between protection and mobility. Wearing bulky armour will add protection, but also reduce mobility, hindering your movement and overall experience. Star with something basic like goggles, a face mask and lightweight clothing, and add more as you gain more experience.

Playing with friends will make airsoft much more enjoyable, it not only enhances the social aspect, but also helps you learn and improve together. Developing better teamwork and communication skills will make games more exciting and strategic.

Lastly, sportsmanship matters. Airsoft is a game and sport. Being respectful to other players, whether you win or lose is very important. Make sure you call your hits, avoid confrontations both on and off the field, and remember, everyone is there to have fun. So keep a positive attitude, even when faced with challenges. Your mindset can greatly impact your performance and the overall experience.

From the writer

We want to thank Defrowe Airsoft for his time talking to us. This was certainly a well thought out interview with detailed information from his vast experience

We hope to meet Defrowe in an upcoming game, if you, your friends, or followers want to join our private charter game on October 21st, you are all more than welcome to come.


If you want more information or to be a part of the community, you can sign up and get up-to-date news on airsoft games, events and activities.

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Sep 20, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Great write up!!


Mika Kibashi
Mika Kibashi
Sep 07, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

This was a great read! Thank you Defrowe for the advice and tips!


Sep 07, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

That was a great read. Thank you! The advice is very good. Learning to smoothly reload when doing MilSIM games is very important, as a sloppy reload can lead to disaster. I also agree about not rushing to buy a replica straight away. Try before you buy. I got a P90 because it looked cool. But honestly, did not like it and now it collects dust.


Bravo Nineteen
Bravo Nineteen
Sep 07, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

A huge thanks to Defrowe Airsoft for making the time to write up such detailed responses. We hope to see you at a game soon!

Airsoft Online Japan
Airsoft Online Japan
Sep 08, 2023
Replying to

Defrowe Airsoft has said that he will attend.

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