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Meet the Airsofter - JarnOwen Airsoft

JarnOwen with his MTR16 GBB Rifle

Name: JarnOwen Airsoft

Country: Thailand

In-Game Role: Various

Start Date: 2018

Primary Gun: MTR16 G-Edition

Secondary Gun: HK45 Tactical

Hobbies: Airsoft, streaming & firearms

Favourite Field: BB-GUN Airsoft (Thailand)

Game Regularity: Plays weekly


Weapon List

Desert Eagle Lightning Hawk from Resident Evil 2
  • MTR16 G-Edition (GBBR) (AR)

  • AKM (GBBR) (AR)

  • MK18 (GBBR) (AR)

  • HK45 Tactical (GBB) (Handgun)

  • ICS BLE-ICP (GBB) (Handgun)

  • Desert Eagle Lightning Hawk [RE2 Version] (GBB) (Handgun)

Social Media Channels


JarnOwen began his interest in airsoft after seeing a video on YouTube about airsoft gunplay. After doing some research, he found there was an airsoft field near his home so decided to give it a try. Since he began, JarnOwen has introduced airsoft to his partner, friends and became an influencer on social media and collaborates with other airsoft social media content creators.

Sporting a Hawaiian shirt. Gives us a Miami Vice feel!

Since JarnOwen is a Sergeant in the Royal Thai Army, he favours gas blowback weapons, to give a realistic and more immersive feel to his gameplay experience. As a result, all of his weapons are gas powered and he often incorporates other elements into airsoft, primarily camping and military simulation (MilSim).

One of the challenges that JarnOwen had to overcome was the limited nature of using gas only systems. For that that do not know, gas systems will not have high-capacity magazines, meaning managing ammunition and shot capacity is an important tactic to have. at the Helfire 5 Vs. 5 Airsoft CQB Tournament, JarnOwen managed to win against an all AEG team. JarnOwen has stated that he likes the challenge of using gas only guns, as it recoils and handles closer to real guns as opposed to an all electric system. This also adds a higher level of enjoyment and creates a stronger immersion for him as he can incorporate many of the aspects he has learned in the Royal Thai Army, only in a safer environment and against other people.

When JarnOwen joined a MilSim event called "Operation Bunditrachasi" at Poothabberg, Phetchabun Thailand. He was tasked to recon the enemy at night. When his team tried to hide their flashlight, the enemy saw and fired a flare near the team. The team scattered while JarnOwen and 2 other team members were trying to find the rest of their team members in the darkness so they can regroup. The remaining team members could see enemies coming by their flashlights and then shoots one of the team members, and then hit the other one. JarnOwen used the darkness to his advantage as ensuing enemies tried to flank him and he evaded them and retreated to regroup with his team.

JarnOwen ready for battle with his team

It was at Operation Bunditrachasi he met SANDBAR Airsoft and Maru Combat Gear, who were impressed with his airsoft skilled, that they invited him our for a post-game beer. This was a memorable experience for him as both are big names in the Thai airsoft community and forged a new friendship.

One of the best things JarnOwen feels that comes from airsoft is the strong sense of community. In Thailand airsoft is quite popular and communities have a strong bond that makes many members fell close, almost like being family.

However, airsoft is not without it's toxic players. Occasionally, some people won't call their hits, break rules and berate other players, which can be off-putting for new players as they are more memorable than the good players.

Message to new players

First, I would suggest you buy a gun you can easily use at a local field.

Secondly, you can choose guns you like from video games or movies etc. Since they are airsoft replicas, they are not the real ones and you will get to use the gun you like at a cheaper price.

From the writer

We want to thank JarnOwen Airsoft for his time talking to us, as it was a pleasure learning about airsoft in Thailand and the Operation Bunditrachasi MilSim game at night sounds simply amazing! This is something I hope we can do soon.


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Very interesting! A GBB only user! Thank you for sharing your story and experience!

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