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Meet the Player - Kayato

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

Jareesh and her sidearm in front of a bus
Kayato with a trusty MP5 A5 (NGRS)

Name: Kayato

Country: United Kingdom / Japan

In-Game Role: Assault

Start Date: 2022

Primary Gun: G36C

Secondary Gun: M1911A1

Hobbies: Airsoft, video games & basketball

Favourite Field: Forest Union (Japan)

Game Regularity: Plays yearly


Weapon List

  • TM G36C (AEG) (AR)

  • M1911A1 (GBB) (Handgun)

  • Sheer Will

Social Media Channels

How not to check if the gun is loaded

Kayato is a British born airsofter that shares dual nationality to Japan and plans to one day emigrate to Japan and start a career as a basket weaver using only his monkey-like feet and mouth.

He started playing airsoft in 2022 after being introduced to it at Asobiba in Akihabara by AOJ's leader, Ben.

Having experienced paintball before in the UK as a teenager and being bullied by a small group of adults shooting him and his friend relentlessly until they were bruised. He was sceptical about trying airsoft at first, until Ben persuaded him. When he came back to Japan in 2023 with his friend (also called Ben), Ben (the AOJ leader), along with his co-leader Miss Y, took them to Inzai's Forest Union for the day, loaned them some guns, taught them the basics and then let them hunt.

Kayato's first challenge was overcoming the trauma inflicted by paintballers, worrying about how much it hurts when you get hit. Surprisingly he was please with the result and did his best. He realised the hits aren't as bad when you're running away from the shots and it isn't a full-auto game.

His most memorable time on the field was at Forest Union, when he captured the flag by himself, because he kept running in like a maniac, (despite being hit and having to return to respawn a couple times) and people kept making fun of him for showing signs of insanity. However, to everyone's shock, it worked. He managed to take the last flag and win the game by himself and a combination of his sheer will and guts to take risks.

Kayato has admitted that airsoft is fun after being sceptical at first and he would like to add other activities like camping to the agenda. But the only downside is trying to tell if he was hit or it was a ricochet (ricochets do not count as a hit in Japan), and that airsoft can be an expensive sport to get started in.

Message to new players

Don't be afraid to get hit. It really isn't that bad.


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