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Meet the Airsofter - Lilly Airsoft

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

Lilly Airsoft sporting her M4A1 with ACOG sight
Lilly rocking her M4A1

Name: Lilly Airsoft @ りりあんぬ葵

Country: Japan

In-Game Role: Assault

Start Date: 2020

Primary Gun: M4 Assault Rifle

Secondary Gun: Glock 17 Gen 4

Hobbies: Airsoft, Camping,

Harley Davidson Motorbikes & Jeeps

Favourite Field: Sabage Paradise (Japan)

Game Regularity: Plays weekly

Lilly Airsoft with her KRISS Vector

Weapon List

  • M4A1 (AEG) (AR)

  • MK18 CQBR (AEG) (AR)

  • MP5 (AEG) (SMG)

  • Glock 17 Gen 4 (GBB) (Handgun)

Social Media Channels

Lilly with her rifle

Lilly began airsoft in 2020 after being invited by friends to try it out. She did not really have any interest in airsoft until the day came and she actually played a day with her friend. It wasn't long before she became hooked on airsoft, where she now plays weekly with friends, but when she started, she would often go alone if friends can't attend. This enabled her to not only hone her skills, make new friends, but amazingly, drop almost half her bodyweight through airsoft.

In an interview with Bunshun Online (文春オンライン) she told Bunshun how she managed to lose over 30kg in 6 months by playing airsoft. She said that by playing airsoft, meant she was very busy for the day and often skipped lunch and then after was so tired, she skipped dinner too. She began going 3 - 5 times a week, making this weekly fasting and exercise an effective method to what we feel is an amazing success story. A feat not many can say they have achieved. She posted her achievements on TikTok which went viral and has garnered over 100,000 subscribers as a result of her airsoft achievements and influencer career.

After a while, Lilly bought her first gas blowback airsoft gun which was a huge difference for her in terms of renting AEG rifles from fields. This has lead her to amass an armoury of airsoft weapons, battle dress uniforms, equipment, as well as become a famous influencer.

Additionally, one aspect that Lilly likes to incorporate into airsoft is camping. By adding more activities, such as camping to airsoft gives her more freedom, social activities and adds a sense of realism to the sport. She likes to go out camping whenever she can as well as riding her Harley Davidson 48.

Aside from living in USA and China, Lilly has the wonderful experience of not only being a skilled airsofter and social media influencer, but also has fired real weapons too.

Her experience is impressive and interesting as she uploaded the result to her YouTube channel for everyone to see.

Lilly with one of the jeeps at Sabage Paradise

When Lilly plays airsoft she favours flag games as the objective is straightforward and she can focus on the objective with her team. One of her biggest successes was when she organised her own airsoft tour with friends from January 18th - February 19th, travelling from Tokyo to Kyushu to ten different airsoft fields, playing a staggering 30 games each day. In total about one thousand people came to her tour games.

Lilly feels that the best part of airsoft is that it gives a good full-body workout, challenges you to try harder, making friends and a fun outdoor activity!

On the other hand, the only downside to airsoft is that you do get the occasional cut or bruise, but that is about it.

Message to new players

Don't worry too much about airsoft, just dive into it and have some fun!

From the writer

We want to thank Lilly for her time talking to us, as it was a pleasure learning about her airsoft career, her amazing achievements and unique life.

We hope to meet her in the future and if Lilly or her followers want to join our private charter game on October 21st, you are all more than welcome.


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