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Meet the Airsofter - SKULLEDEAGLE

Updated: Dec 15, 2023


Name: Jeff (SkulledEagle)

Country: United Kingdom (French/Dutch Origin)

In-Game Role: Assault

Start Date: 2014

Primary Gun: KWA Ronin TK45C

Secondary Gun: None

Hobbies: Airsoft & lego building

Favourite Field: Camp Sparta (UK)

Game Regularity: Plays monthly

Specna Arms SA-E04 Edge Assault Rifle

Weapon List

  • KWA TK45C (AEG) (AR)

  • Specna Arms SA-E04 Edge (AEG) (AR)

Social Media Channels

Jeff, aka SkulledEagle began his journey into airsoft with paintball. He started playing paintball solo in 2014 and managed to build up teams in France due to living there at the time. During his time playing paintball, he has attended events in both France and the United Kingdom through to 2018 with help from sponsors such as Modern Combat Sports (MCS).

In 2020, SkulledEagle became the Head Marshall of District23, an airsoft, paintball, gel blaster and Nerf venue in Middlesbrough, United Kingdom, orchestrating airsoft and paintball events until 2022. During this time, he founded the airsoft team, Knights Watch, which received sponsorship from Push Paintball. However, just as things were moving forward with the unique team based games and events, COVID-19 hit the UK and things fell apart.

Now the pandemic in the UK is somewhat over as Coronavirus is classified in the same category as influenza, things picked up again for SkulledEagle. He has since moved to Nottingham and founded EMG (East Midlands Guards) airsoft team to build a close-knit local community. While they are a fairly new team, the passion behind them is driving the community forward to create a concept of team vs team events, akin to a league.

Since the pandemic, SkulledEagle has beenbuilding up his equipment to it's former glory, starting with modifications to his Push Paintball mask, in which he has added a skull to it as well as a spine at the rear which he is getting 3D printed.

Usually, Skulled Eagle plays airsoft with his EMG team members and has been working on creating a CQB competition for teams to compete against each other. He began this from 2020, but unfortunately because of the pandemic, things were put on hold. But his passion is driving him to rebuild everything, but bigger and better.

One of the best memories for SkulledEagle, was when he was living in France and went back to the UK with 60 French players to beat the English on their own soil. The game was held at Camp Sparta, a huge airsoft field located in Gainsborough that actually used to be a military base. During the battles, many enemies were entrenched inside some of the buildings and holding off SkulledEagle and his army of French players. So, his team used smoke grenades to flush them out and pick them off. While this was a challenging day of games, it holds a special place as not only a great day, but funny too as the players swarmed out of the buildings only to be immediately shot. This is honestly something I think we would all like to have seen!

In addition to the fun aspects of airsoft, other positives include the fact that airsoft is a commuinal sport, meaning not only can you exercise, but you can make new friends, team members and build up a bigger community as well as travelling to new fields seeing not only different parts of the country, but even other countries.

While not every game can be fun, SkulledEagle does have an issue when players do not call their hits, and as we say in Japan, become a zombie. He feels that airsoft is a game about honor and respect, so not calling a hit is dishonorable and disrespectful for those you play with and spois the fun for everyone involved. In addition, his views on speedsoft is more akin to a pay and spray vibe than tactical playing and less interesting and fun for him.

However, he does feel that being on both sides of airsoft and paintball, the paintball community are more honest. This is partly due to the fact that the hits hurt a lot more and you get paint on you meaning you cannot deny being hit. Other than that the games are almost the same.

Message to new players

Everyone is different. First go to a local field, contact some local teams and see what the options are. Do some research into what you like, brands to buy, brands to avoid. Join a community first and don't be influenced by everything, try to find the style of play you like, whether it is MilSim, skirmishes, speedsoft etc, try them all and see what suits you and then adapt from that. But, the most important aspect is to get good eye protection. I have seen what happens to people using cheap eye protection or even mesh, invest in something like a Dye mask or Push mask top keep your eyes safe.

From the writer

We want to thank SkulledEagle for his time talking to us, as it was a pleasure learning about paintball and airsoft in the UK as well as his many achievments in the French paintball community. Well done for all you have achieved and keep the passion going!!


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