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November Charter Game @ Pentagon

Game Date: Sunday 24th November 2024

Game Fee: ¥4,500

Lunch: ¥700 - Mackerel or Hamburg Steak bento

Pickup: FREE - 08:20~ Keisei Yachiyodai Station East Exit Rotary.

Capacity: 30 People


November we will be hosting another charter game at SGF BATTLE's Pentagon field.

There will also be a flea market for this event as BATTLE's flea markets usually bring in good revenue for sellers, so bring any gear you want to sell, price it up and sell it all!

The current game plan for this event will be as follows

Morning Games

Team Deathmatch

Capture the Flag (Medics)

Black Hawk Down

Fractured Alliances (time permitting)

Afternoon Games


Bomb the Enemy

The Vest

Rescue Operation

The games will use our

  • Briefcase bomb prop

  • 4 domination boxes

  • Improved bomb vest

  • Bandages

Morning games will feature full-auto and semi-auto game modes.

Afternoon games will mostly be semi-auto with an allowance for LMG/MG users to use full auto.

If time permits we will add a free for all game mode at the end of the day.

Check out our events section for all upcoming games.

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