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October 21st Game Update

As the game approaches we have reached a decent capacity for participants from persons that have not played airsoft before, to military veterans and content creators that will participate.

Bus Pickup

Pickup will be at 08:30 at the east exit of Tsuga Station (see image below)

Participation Fee: ¥3,600

Lunch: ¥600

Rental Goods

BDU (Clothes) ¥1,000

Goggles ¥500

Gun ¥2,500

* BB's (ammunition) is sold separately. But you can buy them cheaper than the field sells them here.


08:30 Pickup at Tsuga Station East Exit

09:00 Registration, Payment & Lunch Orders etc.

09:30 Preparation & Instruction (Beginners will have an introductory course)

10:00 Games Begin

12:00 Lunch Break

13:00 Games Resume

16:30 Games Finish

17:00 Bus to Tsuga Station Departure (those camping will move to the campsite)

If you miss the pickup, you will have to either take a taxi or walk.

Once you arrive at the field, please see Ben for check in, payment, lunch orders and any rental goods you need.

Beginner Information

Field Map

Beginner players will take a training lesson with AOJ team captain Pheng to learn basic airsoft rules, weapon operation and practice shooting at the range.

If you want to save money on, you can bring your own clothes and buy ammunition here, ideally wear greens and browns if possible and expect them to get a bit dirty. We also recommend a cap/beanie to protect your forehead, gloves (not too thick) and strong footwear, no sandals, crocs or anything open. Hiking or trekking shoes/boots are ideal. Also bring water as you will be quite physically active and it will be cheaper to bring it, than buy it on-site.

Rules & Regulations

Please keep in mind that this is a chartered game and there is more freedom in rules from regular games. But there are some things we want to be clear on and to keep things balanced, safe and fair.

All explanations and handouts will be in English, but Japanese is also available if requested in advance.

Teams will be balanced as best as possible and will be shuffled after the lunch break if further balancing is needed. Team captains will be Kee and Pheng, so please make sure to follow their instructions.

  • No Overkilling (do not repeatedly shoot people. If they call "hit", then you stop shooting them)

  • No Zombies (shout "HIT" when hit and follow the game rules, eg: return to start, leave the field etc.)

  • Some games will have restrictions such as semi-auto or handguns only.

  • Handgun only games cannot use magazines that exceed 50 shots.

  • Dual-wielding weapons is allowed.

  • LMG's, Miniguns, Full-Auto Shotguns can be used.

  • Drum magazines can be used in non-limited ammunition games.

  • Shield and handguns can be used, a shield hit, does not count as a hit.

  • HPA (High-Pressure Air) systems can be used.

  • 0.20 - 0.28 Biodegradable BB's can be used.

  • Players using all rental equipment will have an additional life in limited spawn games.

  • Players using all rental equipment can use their rifle in handgun only games, on semi-auto only.

  • If any players do not turn up without giving sufficient notice, they will not be invited to any other games.

  • If you damage or break any equipment at the field or other person's equipment, you will be expected to pay the repair/replacement costs.

Rules may change on the day in order to balance gameplay.

If you have questions about rules etc. Please comment and it will be addressed.

Recommended Equipment

Some games will have some limits, so here are some things we recommend you bring if you can.

  • Assault Rifle / LMG / Shotgun / etc.

  • Handgun (up to 50 shot mags for handgun only games)

  • Juggernauts will need a heavy weapon. So for a juggernaut, game we will ask those with heavy equipment to be the juggernaut for their team.

Contact Information

In the event of a problem please contact AOJ team leader Ben via LINE

Ben's LINE QR Code

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13 oct. 2023
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I'm so excited! I'm all packed. Just need to charge my batteries the night before!

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