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OneTigris Fast PJ Helmet Review

Updated: Feb 2

Brand: OneTigris

Design: Fast PJ

Based on: Fast Pararescue Jump Helmet

Price: ¥6,200 (Sept 2023)

ASIN: B0136E8HW4

Head Size: 22 - 23.6 inches (56 - 60 cm)


  • This helmet includes a mounting base to attack optics like night vision goggles and also comes with side rails so that you can attach accessories such as flashlights or radio earphones.

  • This helmet has velcro, so you can apply patches however you want or even a helmet cover.

  • The helmet is equipped with soft padding on the inside and securely protects your head and can be moved around to fit most head types.

  • The chin strap and back part of the helmet have dials for making adjustments so that sizing adjustments can be made; the helmet can be made to fit your head, has a feeling of stability, and is comfortable to wear.

  • This product is made of ABS engineering plastic. Because it is lightweight, it adds only a little weight when worn.

The OneTigris Fast PJ helmet is an exceptional piece of protective gear that seamlessly blends functionality with comfort, making it a standout choice for tactical enthusiasts and outdoor adventurers alike. The helmet's design not only exudes a rugged aesthetic but also prioritizes user comfort through its adjustable strap system and ergonomic padding.

Overall the helmet is fairly solid and the ABS is thicker than most reproductions. It offers basic protection against being hit in the head as well as various customizable options. The build is fairly sturdy, but some parts do feel a little weak/cheap. You can get a helmet cover and weight attachment to change the look of the helmet, however, while they are good quality they can be fiddly to fit and often are not quite the right size.

The helmet straps are very easy to adjust, but tend to work their way loose after a while and need readjustment here and there. From my experience I had to readjust the straps twice a day. and found the chin strap doesn't stay in place very well. Other than that, the helmet has been fine and done exactly as expected.

Ventilation is another strong suit of the OneTigris Fast PJ helmet. The strategically placed vents facilitate optimal airflow, preventing overheating during intense physical activities. This thoughtful design feature contributes significantly to user comfort, especially in warm and humid conditions.

I am using the cover (pictured below) with it to match my BDU and vest which fits nicely, but found if you use the velcro straps to keep it taught underneath, the rear head pad is loose and the front pad cover cannot be adequately fixed down. I negated this by adding more adhesive velcro inside and super glued the pads on for added strength to keep the cover tight and give it a nice finish.

Overall the helmet does exactly what I expect it to. If you are to purchase this, the overall quality is very good and my only negative impression is on the straps which could be changed. I also found the screws can work loose, so getting some Loctite thread glue would be an essential option to ensure the screws and bolds do not come loose. But, it offers more than adequate protection for airsoft and completes the look you may want when selecting equipment and such. The added covers does make it more versatile in terms of design, which is a huge perk.

The OneTigris helmet is available on Amazon here for ¥6,200.

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Dec 15, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Nice review. When I first started airsoft, I wore a helmet. Quickly learned how hot it gets during a game. Also carrying it in your bag and so on is so bulky. So since then, I've never wore a helm again.

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