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Pentagon Charter Game (17 Dec)

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

4,200After the success of Camp Devgru, we are hosting our next charter game on Sunday, 17th December 2023 at BATTLE's new PENTAGON field. The venue has already been booked and there will be pickup as well as parking available.


Field Information

Address: 478-1 Kashiwai-cho, Hanamigawa-ku, Chiba City, Chiba 262-0041

Fee: ¥3,500

Lunch: ¥700 (Hamburg Steak or Mackerel bento set)

Rentals: ¥5,000 Full Set (M4 Assault Rifle with 400 round magazine, face protection and camouflage uniform) Ammunition sold separately

We do have some rental clothing and masks we can offer for a much cheaper rental fee.

However, we do need clothing sizes beforehand to check if we have them available.

Donations: Donations are welcome and would be used for game props, website fees, as well as a prize

Pickup: Pickup will be from Keisei Yachiyodai Station from 08:15.

Late arrival pickup is available, but this will cost ¥1,000

Total cost with lunch: ¥4,200

Estimated Cost for new players: ¥10,000



Camp Devgru Charter Game Oct 2023
  • Free Parking

  • Free Pickup

  • Vending machines

  • Shop

  • Hot Water

  • Microwave

  • Changing Rooms

  • Shooting Range

  • Large table capacity

  • Gun racks

The venue has free pickup, but it is likely the AOJ team will get there early by car to setup and liaise with the site staff.

If anyone is late and misses the free bus, our leader can pick people up, but it will not be free.

The field has been renovated from the "Bushman" field to the "Pentagon" (due to the pentagon shape of the field), and has been overhauled to add three zones. Forest, Barricade & CQB, enabling diverse gameplay options in a fresh, new environment.



08:30 - Reception (please pay fees on arrival)

09:00 - Introductions, Briefing & Training for new players

09:30 - Games Begin

12:00 - Lunch Time (perhaps with shooting competition, see "Modern Duelling Game")

13:00 - Games Resume

16:00 - Games End

16:30 - Drop off begins back to station.

Please note, if you are late to arrive, we will have to start without you.

We value all attendees, but must keep to a schedule to ensure everyone maximises their gameplay times. As a result, please prioritise reloading and preparation for the next game before chatting etc.


AOJ's New Equipment

Ben has been busy again making new devices to be used for games.

Bakudan Mk.II

BD-2 is a wire defusal prop bomb that requires 3 wires to be disconnected in sequence. There are 24 possible ways and one wire wrong and the bomb will "blow". The bomb has an admin key, so it cannot be turned off or reset without an AOJ team leader.

The bomb uses an Arduino Nano with single channel relay, LCD and 9v battery with 90 decibel buzzer.

Counter Buttons

Digital buttons with 7 segment counters that will count up to 1000 with each press. To ensure any game with a counter has no mishaps like accidentally resetting the clicker or not pressing enough. The digital counter (yellow and red) when pressed will count and make a sound to confirm it has counted. They also feature an admin key and can only be reset by an AOJ team leader.

At the end of any counter games, both counters will be brought back and checked to see who the winner is.

These will also be modified at a later date to incorporate a Domination game mode.

Game Timer

Ben has also made and programmed a game timer. This is made in a two step timer system and should either be installed at the field entrance or middle of the field. It has a countdown for preparation time until the game begins as well as a countdown for the actual game modes and is fully programmable.

For example when you enter the field it may have a 2 minute timer to prepare, insert magazines, discuss tactics etc. and them the buzzer will sound and the game begins. The next buzzer sound is for game over.

The last five seconds has a countdown using two 90 decibel buzzers and game start and finish uses multiple 120 decibel buzzers. This will be a test to see if the loudness is okay on the day, and if not. Ben will be getting an electric air horn (typically used on small trucks) instead using a 12V battery. The time is displayed using an LCD and 7 segment display which are designed to be small, so people do not clock watch.

I am hoping the buzzers will be loud enough. If they are not. when donations reach enough, I will incorporate a larger power system and a. electronic air horn.


Game Modes

The theme for the games will be to maximise juggernauts and prop bomb usage throughout the day.

We will also be using hand-made digital timer with loud buzzer for game start and end times to ensure a smoother schedule as well as hand-made counters for any games that use counters to ensure fair use and no accidental resets etc.

Capture the Juggernaut

Juggernauts roam the field shooting other teams indiscriminately. However, you can capture them to use them against the enemy to suppress them or even just as a human shield to help take an enemy base. But be careful as the other team can also capture them too.

Bomb Sabotage

A briefcase bomb is somewhere in the middle of the field and could go off at any time. Capture the bomb and take it to the enemy base before the time runs out. Whichever team's base the bomb is furthest from at the time of detonation, they will win.

Hostage Rescue

One of your team has been captured by the enemy and is somewhere in the area. Find them, rescue them and get them to extraction safely. But be careful, once you have them, they cannot run and if they are killed, your mission fails.

Search Operation

A case with a buzzer is somewhere in the middle of the field. Both teams scramble to find the case and bring it back to their base. Once they have brought it to the base they must unlock it and sound the alarm.

Unfair Elimination

One Juggernaut roams with field, players must rush to find their flag on the field and present it to the Juggernaut for it to join their team. Respawns then stop for all players (except the Juggernaut) and the game becomes a vicious cat and mouse game of survival.

The team with the most players left when the time is up wins.

Final Countdown

Each base has a bomb counting down until detonation. Both teams must search the field for the code or wire sequence for their bomb, while also preventing the other team from finding their clues.

Which team can disarm their bomb first?

Modern Duelling (Playable based on Donations made before game day)

Lunch-time handgun only, single mag (up to 10 shots), semi auto game where up to 4 players stand back to back and walk away until the buzzer sounds and then turning and shooting.

The champion will receive an Amazon voucher! (value depends on donations made )

We will add more game modes and announce nearer the time.


General Rules

Please keep in mind, that although this is a charter game and we will not be using a chronograph, we will have the following rules in place to ensure smooth, safe and balanced gameplay.

  • Breaks Breaks between game modes will be 5-10 minutes at the most. So prioritise reloading, before tactical planning and chatting. If you are not ready, the game will start without you.

  • Game Start Once we enter the field the gamer timer (made by Ben) will be set and start one minute later. The first buzzer sound is the start of the game and the second buzzer sound will be the end of the game,

  • Photography You are welcome to use the field for photo sessions. But this must be finished by 09:30 or done during the lunch break. If we have a lunch event on the field, please use a different part of the field.

  • Zombies (Not calling hits) To be safe we recommend a double tap (two shots on enemies) to ensure they know they have been hit. However, not calling hits and carrying on is cheating. Feel free to unload a whole mag into a zombie until they call their hit and make sure to report it to your AOJ team leader.

  • No Blind Firing Do not fire weapon on the field without looking down the sights

  • Friendly Fire If you hit a team member, both count as a hit and must return to spawn/leave the field etc.

  • Heavy Weapons & Grenades All are okay to use as long as they are used responsibly

  • HPA Using HPA is fine as long as they have a regulator.

  • Freeze Call If you sneak up to an enemy and have a dummy knife, you can melee them (not full force), otherwise, go ahead and shoot them, but not somewhere it will really hurt.

  • Dead Man Walking When you are hit and either returning to spawn or leaving the field, do not talk to other players to reveal information about the other team.

  • Yellow Vest Players Please don't shoot anyone wearing a yellow vest. They will either be a photographer or game master, they will be armed and they WILL shoot back.

  • Juggernauts Juggernauts can be shot, but they do not return to spawn, they do not "die", they cannot run and they can have unlimited ammunition.

  • Flea Market If you want to bring things to sell, please do. Just make sure prices are clearly marked and bear in mind that neither AOJ or the game field are responsible for your property or transactions made between attendees.

If you have any questions regarding the rules, please comment at the end of this post.


Recommended Inventory

For these games we recommend bringing a combination of assault rifle/SMG and handgun. Also if you have one, an LMG and heavy armour, as the Juggernauts will be the players with the heaviest armour and weaponry only.

It is recommended to wear green/brown camouflage for this field based on the pictures and season.

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