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Moving Forward & Planned Changes

Updated: 11 hours ago

Organizing, managing, and handling the logistics of airsoft events is a complex but rewarding endeavor. Maintaining a website, crafting props, renting items, transporting equipment, and storing AOJ's gear all require significant effort and resources. Creating engaging and enjoyable airsoft experiences demands time, dedication, and a willingness to experiment, all while balancing work commitments and personal responsibilities. Effective planning and time management are key to our success.

Prepayment System

To ensure participation and mitigate cancellation costs, we are introducing a prepaid ticket system. This will streamline the check-in process, as we will have already paid the field, and eliminate the need to invoice for non-attendance fees. Payment options include credit card, PayPal, wire transfer (JP Post Bank), PayPay, or LINE Pay. While this may not be ideal for everyone, it ensures costs are covered without impacting personal finances.

Game Costs

Booking airsoft fields requires meeting minimum participant numbers, and last-minute cancellations can impact us financially. A typical booking for 20 players costs at least ¥70,000, doubling to ¥140,000 for groups of 40 or more. We submit a player list to the field one to two weeks before the event, and some fields require prepayment. With our growing community often seeing 30-40 players, cancellations less than two weeks before the event mean we cover the cost of missing attendees, as many fields charge based on the submitted number. Additionally, fields have started increasing private game fees and minimum numbers due to inflation. Submitting accurate numbers is crucial to maintain our good relationship with the fields.

Website Plans

The website is our primary source for community members. Since August 2023, we've had over 14,000 visitors from around the world and hosted 8 games with over 200 unique attendees. While some members come from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Meetup, or content creators like Defrowe Airsoft, most find us through our homepage, thanks to effective SEO and marketing. Creating a high SEO ranking on Google required time, effort, and money. The homepage is crucial for securing reservations, payments, and managing attendees unifying various platforms into one streamlined system.

In the future, we are hoping to improve the website to add the following features

  • Buy & Sell Listings

  • Community Hosted Events

  • Top Player / Member Articles

  • Member Field Reviews

  • Weapon & Equipment Reviews

Community Focus

Our priority is fostering a vibrant community, not generating additional income. We are dedicated to enhancing game quality, expanding our props, and providing a unique airsoft experience. Our goal is to create a space where enthusiasts can share their passion and enjoy high-quality airsoft events together.

What are game Income and Donations used for?

Currently any profit made from charter games or donations go towards buying, creating and upgrading our props and equipment to be used for our games and rental vehicles to transport equipment.

As a result of game fees and donations we have managed to either obtain, buy or Ben has made the following.

  • Suitcase Bomb Prop

  • Pipe Bomb Prop

  • Bomb Vest Prop

  • Game Timer

  • Digital Counter Buttons

  • Digital Domination Boxes (x4)

  • Digital Suitcase Puzzle (In development)

  • Rental masks, eye protection, clothing, armour, gloves etc,

  • Rental rifles (x5)

  • Standing Flags (Awaiting funds)

  • Patches (Due September)

The Future of AOJ

We aim to enhance our services and experience for all community members. Financial aspects and time are the biggest challenges, as our leaders have jobs, families, and other commitments. With sufficient income from Elite Membership, charter game fees, and donations, we plan to renew the homepage in 2025, introduce game day contests with prizes, color flags for the fields, better props, and a membership card system offering perks for regular members. We are also exploring outdoor activities like camping, hiking, and beach trips.

Sustaining AOJ relies heavily on member commitment and maintaining player numbers, ensuring we can continue providing excellent experiences for everyone.

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