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Date: 26th February 2023

Location: 1336 Oguracho, Wakaba Ward, Chiba, 264-0007

Price: ¥3,500

SGF (Survival Game Field) SEALs is a large airsoft field located in Wakaba, Chiba.

All guns are speed tested.

  • 0.2gBB bullet is within 97m/s

  • 0.25gBB bullet is within 86m/s

  • 0.28gBB bullet is within 82m/s (air-cocking guns only)

(Note: Even if your gun is within these, they may decide your gun cannot be used if it seems to be heavily modified, so take more than one)

We went with 15 people and in total there were about 40 people playing.

Staff were fairly friendly and gave plenty of information on rules, game modes and such.

The main drawback, was how strict things were. Some members could not use their guns, even though they were within the speed limits because the staff felt they could be adjusted and therefore, dangerous. The use of any automatic shotgun like the AA-12 or SGR-12 is prohibited and any rifle or LMG is limited to 10 shot bursts on full-auto. Failing to adhere results in staff complaining. Some of our members received complaints for shooting 12-15 times in succession.

In addition we found the regular members were quite unfriendly towards others and very social with staff. They unfortunately, created bias when it came to some game rules.

The field itself is very large and diverse. There are areas of lush forest and bushes moving toward what looks like a large checkpoint (catwalk) and then moving to a camp area and then hangars. There are many buildings with 2 floors and some CQB areas too.

The overall layout is very good and it made games very exciting and diverse when it comes to gameplay.

There were a few speedsofters there which spoiled some game modes as when the game started they somehow managed to get half way across the map to take out 8 of our team within 5 seconds. We realised that they are regulars and for some reason, the staff allowed them to leave the starting zone and take position near us.

Most game modes were objective based and mainly capture the flag games. Some of them requiring multiple flags to be caught in order to win. These game modes were very good and our team won these with Ben suppressing enemies and Miss Y capturing all of the flags.

It was a good experience, with the only drawbacks being how strict some aspects were and how loosely the regular players could "ignore" some rules and not be reprimanded for it.

In addition, the facilities are very good and will be listed below.

  • Intuitive online booking system

  • many events and game modes

  • catwalk through the field

  • shooting range

  • toilets

  • changing room

  • benches & rifle racks

  • workbench & tools

  • original chicken curry (¥600)

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Bravo Nineteen
Bravo Nineteen
24 ago 2023
Valutazione 3 stelle su 5.

It was an okay experience at best. The field was nice, layout was great, but the only failing aspect was the strictness of staff and how kind of unfriendly/snobby they were towards our group.

Mi piace

22 ago 2023

A very accurate review. I got the same impression when I was there too! Super strict at first, but they did warm up and a tad friendly towards the end of the day. The button pushing thing was cool. But yes, definitely agree that there are some biasness going on at that field, as I know some regulars who go there often and they are not strict with them(regulars) at all.

Mi piace
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