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Special May Game & Camping at Camp Devgru

Updated: Mar 15

As some of you may be aware, we have been planning something big for May.

Combining a regular game, a night game, with a barbecue and camping.

Get ready to immerse yourself in an epic day of thrilling games and heart-pounding challenges, with the highlight being the electrifying night game that promises to ignite your senses.

Venue: Camp Devgru (Wakaba Ward, Chiba)

Date: 18th - 19th May 2024

From 13:00, brace yourself for an action-packed afternoon filled with intense skirmishes that will keep you on edge until 16:30. But fear not, as we'll take a breather to indulge in an optional mouth-watering BBQ feast, fuelling up for the next round of excitement starting at 18:00 and lasting until 21:00. And if you can't wait until then, the field will remain open at 16:30 for those itching for some target practice or friendly battles.

During the day, expect high-octane showdowns that will push your skills to the limit, utilising our handmade bomb props, domination timers and more, while the night games will test your cunning, teamwork and stealth, offering a diverse range of gameplay experiences that will leave you craving more.

But wait, there's more!

Thanks to our exclusive arrangement with the owner, you'll have the option to bunk down in a unique commercial tent, providing a cosy communal space for you and your fellow airsofters. Simply bring or rent a sleeping bag, fashion some clothes into a makeshift pillow, and get ready to drift off under the stars. See the video above to get an idea of what the shelter is like. Tables will be moved of course.

Bakudan Mk.II (Functional Airsoft Bomb Prop)

For those who prefer to keep things low-key, or do not want to participate in the night games, we've got you covered with a laid-back BBQ gathering where you can unwind, savour delectable grilled delights, sip on refreshing beverages, and engage in spirited conversations until our shuttle service begins departures at 21:00.

And if you're part of the night game action, don't worry – we'll ensure there's plenty of pre-prepped food waiting for you at the BBQ so you can refuel and recharge between missions.

So whether you're a hardcore camper, a daytime thrill-seeker, or a night owl craving adventure, there's something for everyone at this unforgettable event. Don't miss out on the ultimate combination of excitement, camaraderie, and outdoor fun with AOJ!


Event Options

There will be various options for attendees and they will be broken down based on what you are interested in more.

Afternoon Game Only

Night Game Only

Both Games

Full House (Both games & overnight camp with meals)

If you have questions about the options, feel free to comment on this article and we will reply as soon as we see it.


Game Information

Gone are the days of stifling regulations and red tape – here, innovation and creativity reign supreme. With this unparalleled level of autonomy, we're empowered to craft an experience that's truly tailored to our vision, ensuring every aspect of the event is executed flawlessly.

So, get ready to push the boundaries and redefine what's possible, because at AOJ, the only limit is your imagination.

These are allowed.

  • Laser Sights (Classes 1 & 2 only)

  • Night Vision Optics (NVG, NOD, NVD, etc.)

  • Flashlights (any power)

  • Thermal Imaging Devices

  • Glowsticks

  • LMG's

  • Miniguns

  • Drum-fed full-auto shotguns

  • Moscart 40mm Grenades (40 Mike rounds are not permitted)

  • Hand Grenades (any kind)

  • Claymores (Remote or laser only)

For those that have all of the night vision equipment, teams will be shuffled to balance them for fair gameplay. There will also be some games where those with night vision will be hunters, and everyone else is prey, if there are enough people.


When to book?

We have confirmed the prices with the owner and made a special arrangement to use facilities for longer, without increasing costs as well as organising a shared sleeping space for those that do not want to commute back at night.

If you have any questions, please comment below.

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