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Survival Game Field Battle Review

Date: 21st May 2023

Location: 478-1 Kashiwaicho, Hanamigawa Ward, Chiba, 262-0041

Price: ¥3,300

Survival Game Field BATTLE is a privately owned field that we have visited twice now.

BATTLE offers a free pick-up service, lunch delivery service and private field rental.

All guns must comply to the following.

  • 0.20g BB bullet is within 98m/s

  • 0.25g BB bullet is within 87m/s

  • 0.28g BB bullet is within 83m/s

The field is divided into two parts and separated by the shooting range. The main field is used for regular meetings, while the Bushman field is used for charter games only. We have used both fields.

The main field offers a large area with buildings, vehicles and areas of dense trees and bushes for cover. There are various choke points and buildings with two floors to use as well as a sniper tree house and other huts. The edge of the field is mostly wooden cover and trees, while the central area has an assortment of CQB areas as well as buildings, scattered cover and a feeling of never really being safe behind cover, due to the open areas surrounding you.

We were picked up by minibus and taken to the field to get set up. We were guided to a table area to use, paid our fees and then got ready. They have a safety and rule explanation at the beginning and the games started shortly after. Staff were friendly enough and quite helpful and social. Overall service was very good and they also had free tea, coffee, soup and some snacks to buy.

The game modes were mostly focused to flag based games and counter games with a few deathmatch games. There was about 60 people there so some rounds were quite intense and fast paced. The game modes were fairly standard and nothing stood out in particular, given the number of people, I would like to have seen some more game modes in play.

The most memorable part was being trapped in a building while a group of enemies took potshots at the entrances to keep me in there, until I discovered a barrel I could stand on to shoot over the wall and eliminate the other team members. The small area within the building made for a good CQB situation where having a handgun meant I was able to take down two people with long rifles that could not aim in time.

They have a small shop where they sell BB's, gas, merchandise and other supplies as well as a tool bench with various tools for players to use for repairs, tweaking etc. and spare parts like batteries and fuses.

There is a shooting range which you can use for you to be able to adjust your weapons and test them.

In addition, the facilities are very good and will be listed below.

  • shooting range

  • toilets

  • changing room

  • tables, chairs, rifle racks & shelves

  • power outlets

  • large outdoor fans

  • workbench with some tools

  • drinks, snacks, cup noodles

  • free tea, coffee & soup

  • shop

  • food ordering service

  • private field for rental (Bushman field)

The field has a great layout and fairly diverse. What makes it shine is the atmosphere it provides, services available and friendliness of the owner and staff.

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