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Survival Game Field Ikusa Review

Date: 18th June 2023

Location: 268 Nakadai, Yotsukaido City, Chiba Prefecture 284-0037

Price: ¥3,300

Survival Game Field Ikusa is a privately owned field that we have visited twice now.

Ikusa offers a free pick-up service, lunch delivery service and free training for new players.

All guns must comply to the following.

  • 0.20g BB bullet is within 98m/s

  • 0.25g BB bullet is within 87m/s

  • 0.28g BB bullet is within 83m/s

The field is large and varied with various forms of cover all spread out over a steep hill. The terrain is rough and diverse with multiple attach and choke points as well as varied areas from heavy forested areas to CQB areas. Some games are played on the lower level, some on the hill, but most are played all over. The hill is fairly steep, but it has multiple ways to get up, like steps, ramps, ropes, or just going around the long way, following the perimeter. The top of the hill has a pillbox and two small huts, one of which has a second floor. The lower level has a building with 2 floors and a back area which is all heavy trees, bushes and a perfect spot for snipers.

We were picked up by the owner who was curious about our group as we are all foreigners. The owner seems to be using the land for airsoft, but does not actually play himself. Miss Y lost her buttstock plate from her M4 here and the owner graciously shipped it to her at their cost when they found it. Overall service was very good and they also had free tea, coffee, soup and some snacks to buy.

The game modes were mostly focused to flag based games along with their famous "Hamburger Hill" game. Which is essentially a King of the Hill game. This game mode was the most fun as attackers have unlimited lives and semi-auto only and defenders have one life and full-auto fire. You have to get up the hill and take the zones, or in this case, pop balloons. One round was purely air-cocking Glock handguns which was all CQB focused and quite intense.

During the Hamburger Hill game, the pillbox was used to defend with more of the players ate the top of the hill covering other areas.

I was in the watchtower area with multiple guns, fending off wave after wave of enemies using SMG's, AR's and LMG's. But, since defenders cannot respawn, while attackers can, inevitably we lost after 9 minutes. However, when switching, our team held out the longest.

They have a small shop where they sell BB's, gas and other supplies as well as a tool bench with various tools for players to use for repairs, tweaking etc.

There is a shooting range which you can use between games, but not during a game which has a velocity checker for you to be able to adjust your weapons and test them.

In addition, the facilities are very good and will be listed below.

  • shooting range

  • toilets

  • changing room

  • tables, chairs & rifle racks

  • large outdoor fans

  • workbench with some tools

  • drinks, snacks, cup noodles

  • shop

  • food ordering service

The field has a great layout and fairly diverse. What makes it shine is the atmosphere it provides, services available and friendliness of the owner and staff.

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