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VSR-10 Pro - The Best Airsoft Sniper Rifle

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

There is no denying that Tokyo Marui are the masters of airsoft builds. While they often suffer with lower FPS outside of Japan due to laws, theirs builds are solid and long-lasting. This shows more so by the fact many other manufacturers will not only try to mimic their design, but make their parts and upgrades compatible with Tokyo Marui weapons.

A prime example of this, is the VSR-10 series bolt action sniper rifles. There are several types to choose from, from the Pro Sniper, Real Shock and G-SPEC. With the Pro Sniper taking the spotlight as not only the most accurate, but the quietest, smoothest and most reliable rifle.

TM VSR-10 Pro Sniper


Full length: 1,075mm

Gun length: 430 mm

Weight: 1,923 g (including magazine)

Power Source: Spring (manual)

Speed: 92 m/s (out of the box)

Capacity: 30 shots

Recommended to use heavier BB's such as 0.28g BB's to maximise effective accuracy and range.


The rifle itself comes with a box magazine with a 30 shot capacity as well as being fitted with iron sights. The scope rail is unfortunately separate as is the scope. But there are many cost-effective options out there,and considering the range of airsoft rifles, an expensive sight with a long range is not really essential for anything more than visual effect.

What makes this the best airsoft sniper rifle is the fact it is not only extremely reliable, but the long 430mm inner-barrel means that the BB travels further before leaving the barrel to build momentum and speed. This enables the BB to fly further and straighter. When compared to other VSR-10 models, the shot accuracy and grouping when focused on one target on this model was significantly better as was the overall volume being almost 10 dB lower than the G-SPEC version. The metal outer barrel gives a nice feel of realism to the weapon as well as the smooth bolt action when reloading.

The construct is solid and sports an adjustable trigger assembly, allowing users to modify the trigger pull to their ideal specification. You can also get a 14mm thread adapter to attach a silencer and attach a bipod to the rifle via the front strap point. There are also many upgrade options to increase the range and accuracy available.

VSR-10 Hopup Slider

The hopup us located on the outside on the left side of the gun between the outer barrel and gun body, making adjustment very easy and simple.

Out of the box, I was shooting 86 - 87.5 m/s using 0.25g BB's, making the power very good and close to the 0.88 m/s limit. I have not used it on the field yet, but I plan to this weekend and will also be making my own ghillie suit over the coming weeks.

I have attached a bipod from my LMG and I have two scopes by Canis Latrans I will test it with, that retail for about ¥7,000 each and have a maximum zoom of 3-9 x32

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