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Terms & Conditions

Contact Information

We do not share any contact information you submit with other members, nor do we sell your information to third-parties.


We only store your details for communications purposes if there are problems with bookings or other information related to events, purchases or urgency. As a result, we expect members to enter in genuine information such as name, email and phone number to avoid bots and spam accounts.

You will not be added to a mailing list unless you request it.

Contact Inforation

Attendance Registration

Your attendance will only be confirmed once you have submitted registration via our events page. Once received we will confirm registration by email within 72 hours.

For some charter events, advance payment may be necessary to confirm booking to ensure that there is a mutual agreement between yourself and AOJ. In addition, AOJ will handle payment to the field in advance, so if you do not contact us to cancel at least 21 days before the event date, the fee will be paid to the field.

Attendance Registration


Some fields offer a pick-up service. We are able to organise this on your behalf if given suitable notice.

If we book a field without pickup-up that is too far to walk, we can rent a vehicle for pickups. The cost would then be distributed equally among those using the vehicle.



If you wish to cancel attendance to an event, please message us as soon as possible. 

For chartered games, at least 21 days notice is required to cancel if suitable notice is not given, members will still be counted as attending at the field and their fees must still be paid.

If members do not come to an event without notice, (flaking), they will have a prewritten email sent about non-attendance and will be issued a warning, as well as having and future tickets cancelled.

To rectify this either email us with an apology and the reason for non-attendance, if applicable pay any fees we had to pay on your behalf, and come to the next event regardless of us removing the booking or not.



If a cancellation request is given with suitable notice and the field can accept the cancellation, a full refund will be given (remittance fees will be at the cost of the recipient for refunds).

If a cancellation request is not in suitable time or the field rejects it, no refund can be given.

If a refund is requested for purchased goods, this refund can only be initiated if the item has either not been made/shipped.



Our reviews of fields are generally unbiased and we will not give a "bad review". While we may highlight some bad points, we will break down our reviews on fields, guns, accessories etc. into pros and cons.

We welcome our members to review fields, guns and equipment and will publish reviews that catch our attention.


Feedback, Comments & Complaints

While we are providing a service for our members, we do welcome feedback and comments so we know what people want and how we can improve.

If you have a complaint. Please feel free to message us and we will deal with it as best as we can as long as you remain civil.

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